Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Dear Husband

has inspired me to pick up this blog once again. It is definitely a work in progress. Throughout our days I find myself thinking of all of the things I could blog about and than I do not put my fingers to the keyboard and do it. We do things around here, some cool, some not so cool, but it is my goal to put them in words in front of me to remind me of what it is we actually do get done around here. Thank you Mr. Hill once again for coming to my aid when I did not even know I needed it. Smooches to you and clink of the keyboards we are off running with our families two blogs.


Tawnya said...

can I join you guys in the rebirth of the blogs??

Tawnya said...

can I join in on the blog rebirth??

momcnl said...

But, of course!!! We would love to have you along for the ride!!! "Click, Click" & "Tap, Tap" of our fingers hitting the keys on the keyboard.