Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nishan's Take on Jibbitz

I gave and Nishan recieved his Werewolf Crocs and Food Jibbitz, Crab, and Puff the Magic Dragon Jibbitz. His fave by far was Puff the Magic Dragon! When I handed him the Hamburger, Hot Dog, French Fries, and Ice Cream Cone, he asked why I did not get him more Dragons or Monsters like Lillitha. My answer was in one of those unbearable sing songy voices, "But you love hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, and look, I even picked out Chocolate Ice Cream for you!" He abruptly asnwers, "I hate hamburgers!" "I only like Pizza." A very long pause took place, where I was thinking: Oh, shit I have just scarred my kid for life, Jason was right, I should have never bought Food Jibbitz, what was I thinking? I wrapped my arms around Nish and his sad face, in silence still. Lillitha broke the silence with, "I have monster Jibbitz and you don't." Nishan tried to break free of my embrace in infuriation. I held tighter and explained again why I thought these were so cool. My heart tells me he is still not in love with the idea. We were in somewhat of a hurry to get off to Lego class. Coral and Lillitha needed helping putting in the Jibbitz they had recieved, so Nishan joined in the chaos pushing the BIG button into the lil' holes. Off we went to begin our day. Upon arriving to pick Nishan up from his Lego class I realized the heel of one of his Werewolf Crocs was hanging loose. The button that holds the strap on had come apart. His sisters helped him look for it, our guess is that it ended up in one of the many Lego buckets, as it can eaasily be mistaken as a Lego accessory. My guys reaction deepened my seeking feeling that indeed he was not at all about the Werewolf Crocs with the Food Jibbitz. He seriously could of cared less that he could not continue to wear them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, & Ice Cream Cones

Nishan loves himself food. But not any kind of food like his little sis. And he will not give anything a try like his big sis. Nope, Nishan loves himself Hamburger, French Fries, and a Soda. For a dessert it will be: Chocolate Ice Cream pleeze.
I met a couple of friends at the new Crocs outlet tonight. Oh, I should mention that Nishan and I prefer that he wear Crocs. He because they are ultra comfy. Me, because Nishan can put them on and take them off on his own, they are ultra cute, and they require nothing of me once they are purchased. So, I decided to surprise my lil' guy with some red Crocs, well actually they are Werewolf Crocs. Nishan and his good friend J are real live Werewolves. Is that crazy or what? I think that I may be too scared to go to bed tonight , for when Nishan wakes to join daddy and I in bed he may bite rather than snuggle. J's mom bought him the same Red Werewolf Crocs. I hope they think this is as cool as I do!
So, as the icing on this already fantastic cake, I bought him a handful of Jibbitz to adorn the Werewolf shoes. I picked out a Hamburger, Hot Dog, French Fries, Chocolate Ice Cream, which as I mentioned above are all of his fave foods, plus, a crab, Nishan loves to crab with his daddy off of our local pier, and Puff the Magic Dragon, we got to see Paul from Peter, Paul, and Mary perform recently and Nishan asks to listen to this song almost everyday since hearing it live.
I felt that my choices in Nishan's ultra fab decorated Crocs are perfect in complementing him. Jason is pretty adamant that it is wrong to have food Jibbitz. Not only is it wrong that I bought them, but they should not be made for people like me to buy. I am still steadfast they are cool and Nish will think so too. Heck, this is his favorite food we are talking about. Well, morning is not too far off, we can only wait and see. Thank goodness, the Crocs Outlet has a sixty day return policy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Luv for Chunk!

Zari is a fatty fatty fatkins, and I LOVE IT!!! Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. I just love to eat up her chunks, literally and non-literally. Oh, and she loves to be eatin'! Finger, Chicken, Licken Good, I tell ya'! It is so darn amazing to look at her and know that all by myself I have produced enough num nums for her to bulk up like this. I just cannot get over it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coral Makes Her First Earrings

Coral is into her second year of making jewerly that she sells at a local artists fair. She really is quite amazing. It has been more than interesting to watch her in action. What began as a fun way for her to adorn herself, family, or friends, she is now adorning the city, really the city, well at least I like to belive this.

Speaking of generosity, Coral is making and selling jewerly to raise money for Gorillas. Crazy, is she really my daughter? Umm...Pinched myself and that would be yes! I think I must be doing something right ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lillitha is Beaming with Generosity

Lillitha helps load the washer and dryer. Her compensation is all of the change we pull out of pockets. This early morning she has decided that she is going to buy everyone ice cream when the Ice Cream man arrives later today with her 75 cents. She plans on purchasing a Batman ice cream for Nishan, 2 Ice Cream Sandwiches for her daddy and I. She declares that, "Ice Cream Sandwiches are for boys, they are boy colors." Of course she is going to also treat herself and her sissy Coral. We will have to wait and see how all of this pans out when the Ice Cream man arrives. I best be making sure I have a little bundle of change to handover when we here him coming, as the kids do not like momma to tag along.

I really cannot remember any time Lilltiha has not thought of her sister and brother. No matter if they are with her or not, she wants them to be included in what is going on. It may be as simple as purchasing 2 extra packs of gum, or asking the Dr. for 2 extra stickers for Nishy and Coral or as complex as needing to bring home a Hot Chocolate for the olders kids that we will not see for a hours, and when we do see them it will be cold or have spilled all over our cup holderless car. And than there is the time when she wanted to buy them each a little of this and a little of that, combining to a mere $50. Whoa, Ahhhh...but the generosity that she has. So, what to do, what to do. I am in the midst of figuring out how to 100% support her generosity, without breaking the pocket book.