Monday, November 29, 2010

Staying Here Right Now

I am looking forward to so much this season. This time of year brings so many celebrations and gatherings. I love coming together with family and friends and celebrating life. Life is precious and I forget this too easily much of the time. Recently, I have been taking the time to be mindful of the present. A season of much celebrating and gathering brings with it haste and waste. I do not want to waste the time I have right now, because I am rushing to make the future a bit brighter. This is not easy for me, as I pretty much have spent most of my life rushing to get all my to dos done, so I can relax and be present without worry at x,y, and z.
A few weeks ago I was folding towels and realized I was really enjoying myself. It was not the act of folding towels per say, it was taking the time to be relaxed, not rushed, and present with my thoughts while folding. I was not thinking about what I was going to do next, or where I needed to be later that day, or who I needed to call. It was as simple as letting my mind go and heading in the same direction.
Low and behold, you might not believe it, but I sat down later that day and still had plenty of time to relax over a cup of coffee with some friends.
Each day I have made a bit of time to purposefully chill for a bit with my family giving them 100% of myself, as well as staying present while doing my daily "chores", and than taking a bit more time when all are asleep to relax by myself after a hard days work. I have found that this still leaves me plenty of time to keep envisioning my future and my wheels turning to get me there.
I hope that you are able to slow down a bit this season and meander awhile in your present.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Mom Paid and Unexpected Visit

I was not going to blog today, than I was, than I was not, and now I here I sit.

My mom called earlier than she usually does, so that means really early!

Me: Are you already out? You are not Black Weekend Shopping are you?

Mom: No, I am coming to see you!

Me: Really, you are heading to my house?

Mom: Yes, only because you will not come see me.

Of course true to me, I became defensive explaining why I had not decided to head to their (Dad and Her) house tomorrow.

Mom: I am only joking!

Me: Oh ok, than cool cannot wait to see you!

She arrived while I was in the shower, so I got to miss the best part of my kids screaming at her all at the same time in excitement, while she doles out all of her granny gifts! Totally hysterical although I did not think so till very recently.

We headed out in anticipation that Lillitha had her morning Ballet class, only to find it had been cancelled due to Thanksgiving. Not sure how I missed that one, but thanks a lot Thanksgiving. Although her afternoon rehearsal had not been cancelled, so we had a few hours to spare.

Spare nothing!! I have been laid out for just about a week and feel like I may never catch up. So, really this was all a Blessing in disguise. I have a lot of those, as long as I step back and look at life as a panorama.

Anyway, we headed out to pick up a few things for the Mice Costumes I mentioned awhile back, a few skeins of yarn for a few sweaters I hope to have under the tree, and the refill shoppe to fulfill me laundry duties.

Is that totally breaking the No Shopping Black Weekend thing I have going on? I think not, as I NEEDED these things, well maybe not the yarn. But we did shop small store local owners! That is always a plus.

The point is not whether I broke my no shopping alliance I had with myself, because I would of totally broke it if it meant my mom and I could have another day together like we did today!!! I had a really nice time with my mom. It felt like our days spent together before things happened with my dad. I am so happy my mom is staying home and going to school. She was also working full time until a month or so ago.

She looks great, is acting a whole heck of a lot more like herself, and is so much fun to be around again!!! YEAH MOM!!! I think she has made the best choice for her and my father and I see that they are both reaping the benefits.

An impromptu visit from my mom is exactly what I needed and she overfilled my cup with her love and gratitude for our family today! Love you mom and hope you had just as much cup filling love and fun that I did!!! xoxoxo

Sometimes I do believe that we never outgrow our need to feel our parents love for us.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Decorating for the Holidays

Our day began as usual! A BIG hot pot of coffee, breakfast, a few chores, and a bit of reading. I distinctly remember going to bed last night with a ridiculous list of things we needed to get done today, but when I woke up the to dos had all escaped me. We lazied around for awhile, until Jason stepped out for a bit, when it seemed the kids and I hit a lull in our day. The kind of lull when if I do not step up get us in motion, we all be sitting in the middle of the living room having a family tantrum.
I think the coffee must have instantaneously kicked in, because ta duh, we are going to pack away the Fall Festivities and decorate for the Holidays! Umm...yeah, I am not sure how this to do escaped me? Since moving to Ventura this has been a tradition for us. Black Friday we decorate for the holidays. We do not like it black and dreary around here. This year, I had vowed to myself and a few others that I would not participate in the consumerism of Black Friday or the Holidays. I am so tired of all that garbage!!! But, I am not tired of our new decor!
The kids and I had a blast getting out all of the decorations and reminiscing our past holidays. It is so funny to me when each of my children comes of age to realize that there was a time before them. We put out our Santa Pictures in chronological order today and Lillitha was asking where she and Nishan were in the earlier pictures. She was so cute, oh yeah, "Coral still needed to see Santa, right mom?"
I was photo shooting tonight, as I really wanted to capture the ambiance in our living room with the Tree lights on and I just love this picture. I is totally not what I was going for, but I like it just as much. We read tonight in our very small but cozy living room, with the tree lights lit, the kids and Jason fell asleep while I read. I sat in there a for awhile in silence trying to figure out why it felt so warm and cozy. I decided it is the lights and tree. Yeah, yeah, it is a freaking white fake tree. Still it is a symbol of the Holidays for us and the Holidays are always something our family looks forward to.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


So, so, so very much for us to be grateful for!!! Just as any other family we have our ups and downs. Looking back on the past few years I feel like we made it through some of our worst downhills we have experienced in our almost 9 years of marriage. These downhills each taught us something different and sometimes these lessons stuck, and other times we had to experience another downhill to really get it, and unfortunately sometimes it took 3 or 4 downhills. Tis' is life. I love that in these past few years we were forced to rely heavily on each other. We had to dig deep within ourselves and face feelings we had never felt, as were dealing with things we had never expected to have to deal with. We were strong together, we persevered, and today we are better. I am just as thankful for the downhills as I am the uphills.

The kids and I have been reading The Little House on the Prairie series and Three Cups of Tea. Reading these books is a daily reminder of the hardships that these characters and very real people experienced and are experiencing. Many of there battles are things that are totally unimaginable to my family based on the current time and the country where we live. I am grateful everyday for the daily nuances that we were granted, but reading these books has humbled me just a little bit more.

We have so very much, we are bountiful with love, health, family, friends and a whole lot of stuff!!! We have it all. I do not know if this is luck, or playing your cards right, but what I do know that life has brought us more than enough. I hope it keeps on bringing the good and the forced lessons as I know there is always room to grow.

I cannot put it all into words for you, as being thankful stems from deep within me, and it was not something I was capable of grasping until I had lived a little. And, that I am eternally grateful for! I am so thankful that I get that warmth that turns my cheeks red and I want to scream, "DUDE, LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY RADICAL"!!!

Our lives are tremendous and when they are not, they still kick ass!!!

Hoping all of you have a ton to be thankful also!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Hiccup during the Holidays

Sometimes things happen that force us to prioritize, take inventory, and than re-create our "to-do lists". My butt is sitting right there, and it has been for over a week. I have been fighting this place for the entire journey, because it is not what I "planned" on! I do not like being sick, I do not like it one single bit. I do not invite the forced relaxation, I like to relax on my terms when I have finished all of my "to-dos". Each time I walk away from a forced relaxation I realize that it was exactly what I needed and because I was going to keep pushing through and not listen to my body, my body forced me to listen.
This round my body is kicking my butt, bad! There have been a few days, when I started in on life again, only to wake the next morning back on my butt. I am at my wits end, and I know that there are far worse things than a common cold, but, but, but....I am so good with buts, just like I am with feeling sorry for myself while sick.
I am trying really, really, really hard to focus on prioritizing, taking inventory, and recreating our "to-dos". I am trying to stay focused on taking this time to chill with my kids and drink them in, as it is so easy for me to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, celebrations, and life going on right now.
My focus does not need to be on what I wanted, should of, or could of, my focus needs to be on what is here right in front of me! I do believe that is what Thanksgiving is all about.
I feel like shit, but I have a lot to be grateful for, some of it lies in the everyday blah, blah, but most of it lies in a place that cannot be put into words because it is just a distinct feeling, that I feel in the depths of my soul. The kind of feeling that warms you up all over, and makes you blush. I love that feeling and hold it close when it appears, as they are fleeting and should not be! We have so very, very, very much to be grateful for, even if the list comes to a million. I am not into comparing myself to others and I do not like to rely on others to feel that I am fortunate, but dude, we are fortunate in comparison.
I must get to bed early in hopes of waking up feeling like myself, as we are fortunate to be celebrating tomorrow with our dearest and closest friends.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Look at that, "Whole Lotta Girl I Mentioned"

We have been blessed with three girls who are 12, 4, and just shy of 2! (Oh my could it already be that time?) As I am sure you can imagine Miss Lillitha (4) and Miss Zari (1) think their big sista' is just the coolest of cool. And, well you know what? She is one pretty awesome big sister! She takes her big sister role seriously and tonight the love was in full force. After a lovely Thanksgiving Feast with friends, she really wanted to relax.

I am pretty sure she planned on taking a shower and sticking her cute little nose in a book until we called it lights out, but instead she cued into the elders needing help. Did I just admit that I needed help? Yes, I said I needed a bit of help! Coral totally stepped up and took her two little sisters on the best Spacation of their lives!!!
The girls began their relaxing night in a warm bath! We all love the original cast iron tub in our little humble abode. While sweeping and picking up, I heard lots if giggles and sharing of the days events.

After hopping out of the bath, they jumped in jammies, and this is when the real fun began. Hair was brushed and pulled back making sure it would not be in the way of beauty time.

Than the masks were applied.

While waiting for the masks to do the dirty work Coral morphed into a manicurist and painted away.

While nails dried, their beautiful faces were wiped clean, and the little girls were ready for story time. As, they sat in the couch and listened to Coral read, I was reminded of the beauty of the sibling relationship.

These three girls have each other forever to share giggles, tears, and dreams with each other. So, so, so very sweet.

And not to mention how well, this works for us parents, when we really really want to pick up from a hard days work having fun celebrating!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Hubby & Our Son

My husband and son have began hiking each Saturday together. You can read more about it on their blog, here. I love, love, love that they have taken on this absolutely awesome adventure! My son is one little dude amongst his 3 sisters. They love him dearly, but they are A LOT of girl! And my guy, is a whole lotta boy! My boys are enjoying their time together and I am really enjoying witnessing all of the good that has come with this new addition into our very busy lives.
All of the kiddos are vying to get a bit of daddy one on one time now. Lillitha was second in line! Jason and her hung out at the coffee shop per her request. She asked if her dad would take her on a date to eat candy and drink soda. That is soooo....right up her alley.
I believe that this time is invaluable to each of our children and I hope that all of us hold on tight to these moments. With four children I find I am constantly juggling my attention, my husband seems to have found his rhythm with our children and meeting each of their needs. I have watched this story unfold over the past few years and it is both fascinating and beautiful.
I hope I will follow in my dear husbands footsteps sooner than later, but while I am still juggling I will be happy to be a bystander, watching the beauty of his relationship with our children.
And seriously take a look at their blog! Very cool!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

This Moment

{This Moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Inspired by Amanda Soule

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Part 2: The Big Birthday Present Post

I cannot believe W is 1 year old!!! Time seems to be "flying" faster than an airplane at this point. I frequently reminisce this time of year last year. What we were doing, how we were feeling, the weather, thoughts on just about a bit of everything. The only thing I am sure of is that I did not feel that there was crunch that I am feeling this year. Can you believe that in less than 12 days it will be December. I cannot!!! This week we are focusing on finishing up Thanksgiving crafts, than immediately moving on to Hanukkah, than straight into Christmas without a breath. Whew, busy busy little elves around here. However, I guess this does mean we will not be at a loss for topics to share in this little space.

Onto the topic of this post! The Birthday Boys gift:

I had planned on making a sweater for W, but while perusing the Fabric Store for a whole other project, I laid eyes on the jungle fever fabric. I needed to buy it and I needed to make something for the Birthday Boy out of it, as well as a little something for my girls. Oh me oh my how do I love this print, and how do I love how it all turned out!!! It was really simple as pie and totally rewarding! I love when the simplest idea is also the simplest to put together.

The more I sew the more I learn the little tricks of the trade that not only make things easier but gives it a bit of a professional, I did not do this at home trick. I used a product similar to heat and bond to attach the animal faces to the tees before doing a straight stitch around all four sides. The "Heat and Bond" allowed the animal patch to stay in place and not wrinkle or botch itself while I sewed it in place. I am now always always going to have "Heat and Bond" in the craft room.
To make the pants I used the Huck Finn Pant pattern out of Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book. I am familiar with this pattern as I have made more than a handful of pants using this pattern and each time I grow a little more happy with the outcome. I am most happy this time, as the sewing went without a glitch.
As I was completing the outfit, I realized that the Birthday Boy was not really going to enjoy our gift. You know it was more of a momma pleaser than a kiddo pleaser. So, I threw together a few bean bags using the animal patch squares. T already shared a picture of him enjoying them, so I am glad that I followed through with the toy addition to the present.
And, here is the grand finale!!! I made this crocheted sweater!!! I am proud can you tell??? I am laughing as I am generally not big on the bragging issue, but dude I have been trying to crochet or knit something anything for someone to wear for about two years and I finally did it. Now mind you this sweater is constructed out of six rectangles that are half double crocheted and than simply sewn together. The sewing together was the hardest part for me, not too sure why, but whatever it is done and gifted and it fits! Now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed it makes it through a wash or two or three would be better.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Part 1 of the Birthday Post

Last week a year ago and my present last week mimic each other in the most unimaginable ways. I never could of guessed that I would be finishing up the projects that I had begun exactly year ago. My dearest friend was due to have her fourth baby in just a few weeks.
We planned on having her Mother Gathering what we thought was well enough in advance. My second kiddo decided to greet us the very day we had planned on having a Baby Shower so we were both ultra aware of our babies coming when they want to, but we were sure we had planned early enough that this would not happen again!!!
Her Mother Gathering was to be Saturday morning. I spent the week sewing a few things that I wanted to include in her Mother Gathering and preparing other projects for all of us to take part in during this celebration honoring her becoming a mother of 4.
Friday night as I lay my head to the pillow not a few minutes later did I receive her, "I am in labor", phone call! I still laugh to myself...Because you know we were ultra prepared and this was not going to happen again ;)
That night is one of the most precious memories I hold, meeting her son. It is an honor to have been in her circle of friends and family that supported her during her pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Thank you my dearest friend, you know who you are and I am so grateful to have you in my life!!!
We have supported each other through three pregnancies and been introduced to new ideas throughout each of our journeys. We were first introduced to the idea of a Mother Blessing or Mother Gathering just a week or two before we planned on having T's Baby Shower. So, there it began, a tradition of celebrating the journey into Motherhood as opposed to the baby to be. You can read and explore more of this concept on your own if you would like. I think this is a good place to begin.
For T's fourth baby I wanted to do something really different than either of us had done before. When you each have 4 children and lots and lots of friends having babies things can end up getting a bit repetitious. During this time I started reading blogs that ultimately kicked my sewing and crafting bug into high gear. I came across Amanda Soule's blog and bought her book Handmade Home, and this where the inspiration for T's Mother Gathering began.
In a Handmade Home, Amanda Soule's Memory Tree Quilt Art is compiled of her little one's outgrown clothing. In the celebrations I have taken part in it is common practice to bring an object or two or three that remind us of the Mother to Be. I decided I wanted to use the Memory Tree Quilt Art in our celebration honoring T.
I asked that each woman bring a small 4" x 3" piece of fabric with a story to share with the Mother to Be. I left it this open ended as I wanted the choice to be very personal and true to each person sharing.
I had also asked that each woman bring a bead to share with T. We generally close our celebration with a circle exchanging beads from the woman honoring to the Mother and the Mother to the woman honoring. We have in past gatherings made a bracelet for the Mother to wear during her labor. This bracelet is a reminder her of her support circle. Because T's son joined us before we were able to celebrate her becoming a mom to 4, I decided to adorn her Memory Tree Quilt with the beads as well as the fabric leaves.
A year ago I stayed awake into the wee hours of the night sewing a bare felt tree looking forward to hearing each of T's friends share why they chose their leaf with her. It was not for a few more weeks that we were able to celebrate, as W decided he was ready to look into his families eyes earlier than we had all expected.
This piece of art most definitely speaks more than a thousand words!
One of my most favorite parts of our gatherings are circling around the mother to be and sharing kind words with her from written pieces each woman has come prepared with. I asked that everyone come with a flower to share this time as well.
After T's son was born and we held this gathering. I decided it would be best to press the flowers each friend shared with her. I later used the pressed flowers and shared words to create and album.
While putting this album together a year later, I was able to relive the memories of her Mother Gathering and the days leading up to her son's birth.
It was a beautiful week all over again.
Mother Gatherings are a beautiful way to celebrate and honor a mother to be. I cherish both the celebrations that have honored me and the ones I have done the honoring at.
If you are familiar with me or read my previous entry on finishing up projects you know that it is difficult for me to let go if items I have made. It was time for me to exchange these gifts at W's one year birthday this weekend and watching my friend open these gifts was absolutely the most beautiful present to me.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where My Brain Has Been

I have one heck of a busy week. I cannot wait to lay my head to sleep tonight! I have not felt this tired in long time. I think the adrenaline of needing to meet a personal set deadline has kept my in high gear and now that it has worn off I am zonked.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was working on a few Birthday Boy gifts and Birthday Momma gifts this week. I am so happy to announce I finished all of them and felt the love running through my fingers while making them. I cannot wait to share with you what I came up with and where I got all of my inspirations! Just like the, Ahem' rugs, that will all have to wait for another post as we have not yet given and received these handmade goodies.

We joined a 30 Day No Eating Out Challenge for the second time. When we first signed on so to speak, I mentioned that we would be going out of town and probably not participate during those couple of days. Those couple of days squeaked up on us pretty quickly, like tomorrow. So, I spent A LOT of time this week preparing our food for the three days we will be out of town. My husband was originally going to go with us and I felt that we all could use a mini vacation with our level of extravagance...eating out being on the top of that list. Unfortunately, he is not able to come for a few different reasons and so I decided that we would stick with the 30 Day No Eating Out Challenge for our short trip out of town.

I made a pretty simple menu based on 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. I made sure to make things that could stick it out in a ice chest and could do without being heated. Making the menu was fun and cooking was more rewarding than I had thought.

Looking back on our week, we spent a great deal of time preparing for a few days out of town. I never thought I would need a week to prepare for a few days away before having 4 children. I am laughing to myself as I write this. A- Not one of my kiddos is capable of understanding how much it takes to keep things rolling around here and B- To be totally honest, I am not sure that I grasp everything that needs to get done around here, because if I did I would die from anxiety as it too much for me to even consider getting done. (If I clean, I do not craft, and If I craft, I do not clean)

Life is good, very good right now. My family has A LOT to be grateful for and I am so happy that "they" all make it possible for me to check off all of my "to dos"!!!

This weeks Highlights are:

-Lots and lots of laundry was folded and put away (We are a fimly of 6)

-Lots and lots of dishes were washed and put away after all of those meals were cooked that made those dishes dirty.

-Things were crafted from scratch and things were finished that had been in the to do pile for a year.

-A shower was cleaned and tow toilets were scrubbed.

-Classes were attended

-A car recieved and Oil Change

-Bags were packed

And we are off to begin a new week with adventures more than a few hundred miles from home. I am hoping they are more exciting than a few of the above highlights ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

{This Moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Corners of Our Home

I am unaware of who might have been the first to introduce "Corners of Our Home", but I have come across a handful of fellow Bloggers sharing, a "corner" of their home, and I enjoy this little glimpse into their homes they share. So, today I bring you to a Corner of Our Home.
I cannot tell you how much time my husband and I have spent perusing Craigslist rental ads, finding the "perfect" rental home, called to take a peak inside, set my heart on it, only to come down from that excitement "high" to learn it was just not meant to be.
Today was one of those days. I paid our rent a few days ago and eyed a new rental they had advertised in the office. All of a sudden, I felt those "we are moving" wheels turning. I had a deep gut feeling that moving was not a good choice as my husband and I recently vowed to stick it out here for at least 5 years. But, the wheels just kept gaining momentum. So much so that I drove to the property twice today. My husband and I recently have decided to run every big change by my dad, as we think we suck at making these decisions, because it is clearly impossible for us to be rational. We get so excited and run with it, we have the negative blinders on, and he does not. He seemed a little reluctant, asking a lot of questions, saying some things that we needed to really think about, and others that I needed to immediately toss out the window (no chuck out the window!!!) He came up with some real dosies today!!! Anyway, upon seeing the inside and chatting with our landlord, it is not for us.
I called my husband immediately after learning that the stars were not aligned for this move. The first words out of my mouth were, "We are indeed staying put for 5 years!" I than proceeded to go on a rant about how it is totally ridiculous that we have spent all of this time looking for the other places to live when we are blessed with a wonderful rental that fits all of us plus some (plus a lot of junk)! See, I totally suck at the whole being present thing!!!
I began this post quite some time ago, but placed it on the back burner as it never felt right when I laid my thoughts and fingers to the keyboard. Corners of our home called out to me tonight. I needed a reminder of why I do indeed love our home. (Could someone please bulldoze the apartments in back so we could have a huge backyard? Pretty please with a cherry on top!!!)
So here is a peak into one of the corners of our home:
A Place I Hold Near and Dear to My Heart

Our Bedroom, My Sanctuary

Our family spends a tremendous amount of time in this space. We generally end up with 5 of us curled up together on any given night, and if number 6 wakes early enough she joins in the warmth. Old man winter has descended upon us, so tonight myself and the four kiddos curled up together reading till each of them fell asleep in the shared warmth.

We inherited our furniture from our in-laws. The mirror was a gift from my mom and dad. I enjoy that most pieces in our room have a story to share.
These two pictures were in my dear friends living room when I first met her many years ago and now they are hanging next to where I lay my head to sleep. My sister donated her reading lamp. Our kiddos create a lot of art, I try to find small places to adorn our home with it. Here we have 2 of Coral's and 1 of Nishan's masterpieces.
My husband and I married nearly 8 1/2 years ago. xoxo We began our marriage spending a few days in San Diego courtesy of my Uncle. While walking down the boardwalk we spotted this artist painting. On our last day we happened upon him again and decided to buy two prints. Oh, how delighted I am we did! This has sorta become the thing we do when we take a vacation, although we do not take many.
I enjoy beginning and ending my day reminded of where "all" of "this" began.
And here we are beginning this journey called marriage and family together. Goodness, do I love this man!!! I am blessed that he came into Coral's and my life and I never want to forget that special day when we said our, "I dos".
This candle holder was a gift at a White Elephant party that I went to a few years back while living in Fresno.
4 children and 1 Belly Cast! This is my preggo belly with Zari. LOVE IT!!! When I first came across Belly Casting I felt that it was kinda cool, but it would just end up needing to be stored. Well, folks I was wrong!!! This means just as much to me as the Honeymoon and Wedding Day prints. Our room is absolutely where it belongs and for now I see it staying just where it is for quite sometime.
The most recent addition to our room (which really is not that recent at all) is our blanket. I want to call it a quilt, but I do not think it is actually a true quilt. I used vintage sheets that I bought on numerous trips to the Thrift Store and bought pre-quilted fabric for the back. My husbands very adamant request, he loves the diamond pre-quilted fabrics??? But really out of all things who am I to argue with that???
When I recently changed the decor a bit in our home and moved a few rooms around, this is what came about with our sanctuary. Right now it is my favorite room in the house, although the living room is a close runner up. My hubby came home and straight away hung the newly sewn curtains to hide more living room junk after hearing we were staying put. What I enjoy most about our bedroom is the warmth and freshness I feel when in it. I believe this is because most of the decor and even furniture has purpose whether it be for sleeping or for evoking emotion. I hope to one day create this throughout our entire home.
Thank you for coming inside and taking a peak! Next time I have an itch to move, I think I will invite you back in for a peak into another corner of our home.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crack of Dawn Crafting

The past few morning we have been crafting up a storm. When I say mornings, I am talking as I hear the gurgling of the coffee pot. This means as I am pulling out the craft supplies while my eyes are seriously half way opened. The rest of my body is thinking it should most definitely not be standing vertical, but horizontal still sawing Zs. When your littles are calling to craft at this unheard time of day, I believe and coax you to pull out any diy kits that you might have tucked away. I think we may have busted through all of the ones I had hidden. There is no doubt in my mind next time I run across the 90% off clearance I will be picking up not just 1, 60 cent kit per kiddo, more like 10!
Nishan painted a bat while I sipped coffee and cooked breakfast. Did I mention that this is so worth the effort because kids are pretty quite with tunnel vision when you set paints in front of them.
Lillitha chose a Menorah that kept her busy for a whole 2 mornings!!!
Have you ever tried to keep the youngest of 4 out of the mix? Well, this little firecracker will not be having any of that!!!
Nishan opted to help out with the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread this morning.
He does not hold back, he was right there taking in the whole experience every step of the way.
I really enjoy our mornings together. I know I mention this a lot and focus on it a lot, but how we begin and end our days is somewhat like the domino effect in our household. Some of my fondest memories as a child are my mornings with my father and my evenings with my mother.
My mom gave the kids a Thanksgiving Turkey kit. My first and very judgmental thought was, seriously??? Gimme a break, what fun is there in a kit that really does not give a lot room to use ones imagination?
It was one of those way to early mornings for me, when I decided to throw it on the kitchen table. All of my kids enjoyed this one. It was something simple, exact, and yet time consuming. Nobody complained, and there is a bit of variation to each of them. Either way, it did no harm and they had fun. Fun is the key word here. I am not sure that my cheap self would pay full price, but definitely would load up at the 90% off time.
Coral is my eldest and a perfectionist and sprinter all at the same time.
Nishan loves to just get things done, not a lot of messing around in the craft area. Lillitha takes her time while always giving it her personal flair.

Zari loves glue and a lot of it. After she floods each of her pieces with glue she creates a mountain of art.
Our Indian Corn Necklaces are coming along at a snails pace. The kids loved the idea, but had a really hard time stringing them.
Coral roughed it for awhile until she decided a bracelet was good enough.
Nishan opted to make an Indian Corn building. He was testing out his Architectural Skills, to see if they were hereditary or not.
Lillitha was carefully laying out her pattern for me to bead, while Zari grew angrier and angrier that she could not have ALL of the corn to herself.
Our mornings were full of time well spent with each other. I look forward to my eyes being pryed open and questions of what we can make today even if it is some ungodly hour and I went to bed just a few hours earlier. However, it is a good thing I think my kids a really cute ;)
We kind of hit a lull in our day, in between breakfast and lunch. I was standing around feeling a bit overwhelmed with things I really did intend to do, when I said, "Screw it, you guys wanna dye eggs?" Of course the answer was an exuberant, "YES!!". Yes, we dyed eggs in the middle of November with 1 of the 10 Easter Egg dying kits I bought last year during the 90% off sale. Man I love those!!!
Coral patiently waiting for her egg to turn the perfect hue.
Nishan says, "Peace Out, Yo". Yes, he did ask that I caption his picture with that.
Lillitha thought it might be nice to match her hands to her egg coloring.
Zari is a little dazed and confused about how she will be using the very things I keep well out of her reach every morning.
Look, Look, it is Hello Kitty riding a bike on our kitchen table!!!
And, now here friends have joined her...
I really enjoy watching my children create in our home. We had a ton of fun with our diy bargain kits. I would love to hear any simple and inexpensive ideas you have fun with in your homes!