Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A glimpse of the going ons in our home this morning

It is Tuesday and we are having a rather nice start to our day. We woke up and made some very yummy raspberry turnovers coupled with sliced apples and peanut butter, it made a delicious breakfast. While I cleaned up the kitchen and dining room, my kiddos rummaged through our scrap box and began making some very cool works of stuff.
Lillitha cut up a box into squares that she taped into a box to hold her "special trinkets". Nishan followed the directions on the inside of another cereal box to make a very cool spaceship. Zari was absolutely delighted to color with a pen and back of a cereal box and of course use scissors to pretend to cut. That girl of mine, she just gets right in there with the biggens', like no one has ever told her she is little. I am so happy that these kiddos of mine are putting all of these saved what nots to use with there rather large imaginations.
As I sit here typing, Lillitha is rocking out to a dvd of Music Videos that we some how acquired with a cd of Coral's. Zari and Lillitha are having a rock party of their own as Nishan gets a private screening.
Nishan is blowing up his sister's with the spaceship he made. He is now stuffing anything that will fit in it, to than shoot out the other end all over anyone who will have a BIG reaction.
Off to continue our day side by side creating many more memories to hold onto and treasure, as I am finding this time is flying by.

Monday, March 15, 2010

4149 days old today

Tuesday November 3rd, I had an afternoon Dr.s appointment. She stated, "You have at least another week, make another appointment on your way out and I will see you than.". I was thinking you have to be kidding me, that is completely absurd, she will NOT be seeing me in another week without the baby in my arms. I headed home to get ready to eat dinner out with my parents at Hennesy's Tavern. We frequented this restaurant for yummy burgers throughout my pregnancy. It was a gorgeous night, we sat outside around the fire pit. I was determined to do everything possible to get this baby out of me, so I ordered the spiciest burger on the menu and topped it with even more hot sauce. After dinner I decided to go on a very long walk, it was pretty late. Looking back I was probably in very early labor, but had no idea at the time. At this point I was pooped, took a shower and went to bed. I woke up around midnight and felt this terrible urge to pee over and over again. I kept lugging myself to the toilet, but I just could not go. I think around the tenth time I sat on the toilet my water broke. Oh shit, I am really in labor and it is my due date, very cool. Before I could think any further I had a HUGE contraction, a topple you over what the fuck is this kinda pain. Coral's dad was asleep so I woke him up and let him know what was going on, called the Dr.s office next. They informed me I needed to head to the hospital soon, where the Dr. would meet me. I called my parents, as I wanted them to meet us at the hospital. And than there was another one of those big ole crash me down knife stabbing contractions. I decided I was going to shower before leaving to the hospital. On my way to the shower, putting my leg in the shower, my other leg into the shower, trying to take a shower I kept having to curl up in a ball to cope with the feeling of death I was having. No kidding I was pretty sure I was going to die. After my shower I curled up in fetal position in the living room than on all fours back to fetal position where I did this for awhile and lost track of the real world. I am not sure why or what pushed me back into reality, but all of a sudden it was life or death feeling I needed to get us to the hospital. I had a rather difficult time getting my significant other to move as quickly as I would have liked, but we did eventually make it to the hospital around 5:30am. Upon our arrival my dad was pacing the entry way with a wheel chair in hand. I was literally climbing the doors and windows of the car. I plopped myself into the wheel chair faster than one can blink, thinking that the hospital gods were gonna save me, I do not know why. Little did I know that I was going to have sit in that chair to sign papers, to be taken to the room, where they seriously expected me to be able to change my clothes and put on a hospital gown by myself. I had been moaning and literally screaming throughout the wheel chair ride, now all of a sudden I was going to be thinking clearly enough to think I was not dying? A very unhappy nurse helped me out of my clothes into the ugly gown when I immediately fell to the bed writhing in pain. My mom really wanted me to breath, I really did not want to breath, all I could think about was getting rid of the pain that was going to take me to heaven. Finally the Dr. who was going to deliver my baby walked in when I sat straight up in bed and asked very matter o' factly, "That he immediately cut the baby out of me, now, right now.'! And just as matter o' factly he informed me that is not how they do things there. I would be ok and at that he walked out. So, this is when I tell the nurse she better do something so that I can stop feeling like I am ripping in two. After my epidural, which was pain stakingly scary to receive, was working, I lay there wondering what the hell as I supposed to do now. It was very surreal. I remember not liking how I was feeling, but knowing that there was nothing that I would do about it. I hate sitting still and now I was not only forced to sit in this bed, but I was so very nervous and could not do a single thing to mute those feelings being stuck in one position with eight or more eyes on me at all times. I had completely lost track of time at this point. It felt like all of a sudden there were about ten nurses in scrubs standing at the door to the room, and than abruptly walked in the Dr. declaring that we were going to have this baby in two pushes or I was having a cesarean. I was not having a cesarean folks, we were going to get that baby out. And, I cannot tell you how I did as I could not feel a thing, but I got that little girl out on the second push. Yes I did!!! I pushed her out, and I still have no idea how. The Dr. held her upside down like she was a trophy asking that the nurse write down he had just delivered a baby with her cord wrapped around her neck twice. Umm...okay that was really wierd, but is she okay, can I hold her, can I see her??? A lot, of commotion ensued, the nurses and little gals daddy were doing all the newborn baby numbers, bathing, and clothing of her. I was stuck delivering the placenta still on my back in that very uncomfortable bed. Finally the moment that made all of that worth it, I got to hold my little girl for the very first time. She was just beautiful, she could not have been more perfect. I felt so happy to have a healthy baby, to have not died (yes, I really thought I was dieing), and to have escaped a cesarean. I was a young woman, and I had survived labor, I would indeed be able to care for my first born at a mere 19 years old. And, my Dr. did not see me in another week without that baby in my arms, she saw me six weeks later for our postpartum visit proudly carrying in Coral Alisa Young.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank goodness it is Friday

oh my this morning has been quite the morning. As usual the kiddos did not eat a very scrumptious breakfast. Well, at least I thought is would be most delicious, Bulgar porridge, berries, brown sugar, and a bit of milk. Ten o'clock and they are disintegrating from lack of nourishment. I must mention that they did not eat dinner last night either, as it was icky also. I could spend a lot of time discussing in rounds the fact that my kids would never starve themselves, but definitely hold out until they can gorge themselves on something they love to eat.
Anyways, we have painted a bit this morning, colored a bit, did a bit of laundry...but all in the midst of a lot of whining and crying. I kinda love the chaoticness of it all, it is a bit amusing that literally all four of my kids seem to be misaligned at the same time most frequently. It is a good way for me to prioritize what is most important. And, obviously the needs in my house are currently a mommy who is giving 100% of herself to the kiddies.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

When daddy arrives home

after a hard days work, seeing the kids greet him is most enjoyable. One would never have to guess that this daddy is a very, very loved one. I get a giggle out of it every time, as it is the same view, different dialogue. "Daddy look at me, look at me this is what I did at ballet today." "Dad I need you to get this HUGE splinter out that I got at the park when I fell down, and Coral kicked me in the head." "Dada, Dada, Dada....", which abruptly stops as soon as her daddy gets room to pick her up. "Hey Jason, I am going to write an article for the American Girl magazine contest on holidays that take place between November and December." All of this is being said over and over, at the same time, as everyone is pulling and tugging for a little one on one with their main man. Okay, so the giggle is really a nice long quiet laugh at the love chaos that ensues at this mans arrival home, and a relief that the chaos is not gulping me alive. I must say he takes this in great stride and sits down to give them just what they are looking for, a few minutes of him. My what I could learn from this. Everyone walks away a little more full and the pictures still hung on the night he promised. xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here we are on Tuesday

hanging out our home. Although we were showered and had bread baking in the oven by 7 am, we are still currently wearing jammies. It is now 11 am and we have just finished eating the freshed baked bread topped with peanut butter. Yummy!!! We left a mere 1/4 of the loaf left to be nibbled throughout the day. While bread was baking we did a bit of cutting, gluing, and coloring. And, as I write, nurse, and giggle at the babe in my arms, two others are taking more time than I ever thought possible to color a few animal heads that will soon be masks. Have you ever googled, "felt animal ear patterns"? Well, I did and there is not a lot to be excited about. Sooo...my idea is to have the kiddos color the paper masks to their liking, scan and print onto printable fabric, attach to a thick wool felt, add elastic, and ta da!!!, 6 new masks for my 4 kiddos to play with. And, now I am off to continue on with the fun of our day.

Friday, March 5, 2010


i have a baby sleeping across my lap. I am typing in rhythm to her soft little sounds of breathing in and out with a stuffed nose. The sound of Lego's being played with drifts in and out as the kids find the perfect piece to adorn their creations. Footsteps of kids heading up and down the stairs to begin this new day are heard. I sit here and bask in the love that I have each and every morning with my family. I truly love mornings with coffee in my quite office and my computer. I frequently come in here to begin our days. I love to sip, read, and listen to the sounds of my children also beginning their day. To another beginning.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where my little ones are

I keep coming back to this spot to write, however, "life" is very much into interrupting these days. Right now life is a lil' babe who is now dipping her toes into the english language, "Ai--Chai, Na Na Na--Banana, Iss Iss--Kiss". My sweet and sour three year old is a ballerina by day and a kung fu master by night. No joke. A six year old boy, who has just discovered team sports--flag football, and what it is sweat like a man. Eleven is quite busy trying out an array of acitivities, in hopes of falling in love with one of them. Right now she is perfecting her swimming and taking a stab at Irish Dancing. Oh, boy does the dancing look like alot of fun!!! I am really enjoying watching her. I am off to lay my head upon my pillow. Good night to all my little ones who have already been asleep for two hours.