Friday, February 17, 2012

A son, a teacher, and a reminder…


My boy, the kid whom has literally rocked my world from conception, never ceases to stop from keeping me a swaying. Momma had a rather do’zie of a day, ya’ know when ya’ gots a 3 year old, days are beautiful but my oh my are they tiresome. That little gal up there, the one that is smiling and giggling amongst the rest of us whom are obligingly partaking in the family pictures, yeah, well she is 3 and she don’t want to. But do ya’ see that? That awesome older bro of hers, getting her to smile, giggle, and would ya’ look at that even sit still for long enough to get in a snap shot or two that will forever  melt this momma’s heart.

I want to remember the picturesque moments, you does not? I also want to remember the moments that are fleeting, that in our busy days come and go so quickly that if I do not force myself to make eye contact and really listen I might just of lost a moment to really connect.

The kids and I were throwing on jammies, getting ready to settle in for the night. This moment always seems to be one of a pleasant sort of chaos, each kiddo is needing/ wanting something, they are tired, I am tired, it is lovely but crazy. Amidst this dance, as I am pulling pants on one of my girls, and turning to begin dressing another, Nishan looks up at me to begin speaking. Mind you I have asked him at least 5 times in 1 minute to please get socks on, so my patience level is running thin, lucky for me the deep breath I inhaled stopped me from spewing venom and allowed him to share this, “Mom, I was thinking and I really, really need you and dad.” I immediately stopped what I was doing and looked straight into his big brown eyes, motioning for him to go on, that he had my full, undivided attention. And he went on to share, “You know I get angry sometimes, but that is on the outside, on the inside I really, really love you and need you.”

And these are the moments that get lost to easily in the busyness of our lives.

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Leslie said...

Thank you for taking the time to sit down and write this sweet story. Amidst the daily chaos he is learning to look deeply at himself. What a testiment to your parenting and the heaps of love you give him. These boys are indeed our greatest teachers. xo