Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nishan's Take on Jibbitz

I gave and Nishan recieved his Werewolf Crocs and Food Jibbitz, Crab, and Puff the Magic Dragon Jibbitz. His fave by far was Puff the Magic Dragon! When I handed him the Hamburger, Hot Dog, French Fries, and Ice Cream Cone, he asked why I did not get him more Dragons or Monsters like Lillitha. My answer was in one of those unbearable sing songy voices, "But you love hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, and look, I even picked out Chocolate Ice Cream for you!" He abruptly asnwers, "I hate hamburgers!" "I only like Pizza." A very long pause took place, where I was thinking: Oh, shit I have just scarred my kid for life, Jason was right, I should have never bought Food Jibbitz, what was I thinking? I wrapped my arms around Nish and his sad face, in silence still. Lillitha broke the silence with, "I have monster Jibbitz and you don't." Nishan tried to break free of my embrace in infuriation. I held tighter and explained again why I thought these were so cool. My heart tells me he is still not in love with the idea. We were in somewhat of a hurry to get off to Lego class. Coral and Lillitha needed helping putting in the Jibbitz they had recieved, so Nishan joined in the chaos pushing the BIG button into the lil' holes. Off we went to begin our day. Upon arriving to pick Nishan up from his Lego class I realized the heel of one of his Werewolf Crocs was hanging loose. The button that holds the strap on had come apart. His sisters helped him look for it, our guess is that it ended up in one of the many Lego buckets, as it can eaasily be mistaken as a Lego accessory. My guys reaction deepened my seeking feeling that indeed he was not at all about the Werewolf Crocs with the Food Jibbitz. He seriously could of cared less that he could not continue to wear them.

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