Thursday, February 11, 2010

collect : a letter.

collect : a letter.

I chuckled out loud to myself as I read this. And than quickly decided to share my thoughts. Because, if I were to wait too long, I would not. Well, if you know me and have visited my home, you would know that it is nearly falling over and it does indeed have a claw foot tub. So, why in the world would my family and I have decided this is where we would call home. We call it home so we can make our lives that much more abundant in other areas. We yearn to have more time with each other exploring our world. Really, it is that simple, but with any thought it gets much more intricate and a lot more meaningful. I am blessed to have made it to this very place. It has been a journey well traveled that I hope will make many more stops along the way.

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suzanne said...

Hello Belinda

I have been so busy making new things for my shop and swapping out all my goodies in the swap shop...I have only just got to seeing your message. I might have just enough roving to make another wreath. Could you give me another color you might like incase I don't have enough??

I look forward to following your blog..

Warm regards