Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where my little ones are

I keep coming back to this spot to write, however, "life" is very much into interrupting these days. Right now life is a lil' babe who is now dipping her toes into the english language, "Ai--Chai, Na Na Na--Banana, Iss Iss--Kiss". My sweet and sour three year old is a ballerina by day and a kung fu master by night. No joke. A six year old boy, who has just discovered team sports--flag football, and what it is sweat like a man. Eleven is quite busy trying out an array of acitivities, in hopes of falling in love with one of them. Right now she is perfecting her swimming and taking a stab at Irish Dancing. Oh, boy does the dancing look like alot of fun!!! I am really enjoying watching her. I am off to lay my head upon my pillow. Good night to all my little ones who have already been asleep for two hours.

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