Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Pictures of Where We Have Been

Lillitha and Zari
We met up with a few friends for an afternoon at the park after our first time riding the local bus.

Aunt Lauren bought the girls a paint your own Tea Set.

Coral and Lillitha shared the honors of Artist.

Tye Dye Eggs

I really like how these turned out and I was very skeptical when we began the process. I liked them so much I bought 5 more boxes 75% off at Target to do throughout the year. We love eggs around here.

The good old fashioned way to dye eggs.
I am not sure what my deal is, but I LOVE dying eggs!!!

My husband and I decided it was about time to honor our sons request for a tree fort.
Jason appreciated all the help he could muster out of these two kiddos.

I am not sure why I could not find any of the pictures I had planned on posting.
I am hoping to post a few of the items the Easter Bunny came up with this year.
But, these pictures do tell a bit about our how time was well spent recently.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet scene at your place! Would love to see that fort. Gage has wanted one for years...always thought our tree wasn't right for it...maybe it could be done. Better late than never!