Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

Where we have been:

-Playing Easter Bunny at night

-4 pairs of PJ pants made from a thrifted sheet Pattern From Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing

-3 Soothing Gremlin Softies

-Vintage Superman Comic Book I found at a local thrift store

-2 Vintage Paper Doll Patterns and Sewing Doll Printables ( I am so sorry to say, I cannot share the link as I do not remember who shared these with the blogging world)

-3 Of these books-- and I threw in a pile of 6x6 squares of scrap fabric for the kids to dress their little people with

-3 Wild Things Totes made from 2 thrifted messenger bags and 1 thrifted canvas tote. I highly recommend sticking with the canvas tote if you are going to paint stripes.

-3 Colored Pencil Rolls Amanda Soule has a pattern in her book, Creative Family for one using wool felt. My 3 year little girl was lucky enough to get this one. My other two kiddos rolls are made from a pattern by Martha Stewart using a placemat. And, yep, we thrifted the placemats.

-1 little bag made using the leftovers from the thrifted sheet and Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing Show Bag Pattern to hold 4 Soy Crayons

-4 Sketchbooks for 8 little hands to do a ton of creating

-Zari my littlest received 6 chamomile scented bean bags requested by her Big Sister Lillitha as a first Birthday gift, but momma just got around to finishing those up.

-A wool felted crocheted Princess Crown also made its way into Zari's basket. At one time this little crown was meant for Lillitha, time passed and it had Zari written all over it.

-We had 6 wool felted balls leftover from a Christmas Stocking Stuffer Exchange that needed a good home. The current issue of Mother Magazine has an article on creating activities to keep little ones active indoors. We made one of the ideas using a white Thrifted Shower Curtain. I folded the curtain in half length wise, cut out various size holes using a rotary cutter outlined them with fabric markers and printed how many points each hole was worth. I folded it up and threw it in the basket with the wool balls. Nishan loves that we can hang it in any doorway of our home, though it spends most of its time in our living room as it is so cool to throw the ball as hard as possible and have it hit the office door causing our old rickety house to shake and rattle a bit.

Quite a while back I joined a Vintage Swap. I received a very cool butterfly sheet that I immediately wanted to sew into a piece of clothing for myself. I used Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing Book and made a dress. The dress is AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, I did not realize that this sheet was not in any shape to be used as fabric for clothing. Total bummer that it has a few holes and smells like cigarette smoke.

My eyes and my mind are very sleepy so I am going to close here and come back soon to finish and share a bit more about what has been filling our days and some thoughts on what we would like to be doing.

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i love all of this!

amy albertson