Friday, July 2, 2010

My Dad is My Hero and Oh How I Miss Him

Stuck in traffic with four sleeping children gave me more than a few seconds to delve into thoughts of my own with no interruption. I found my thoughts settling on my father, my dad, my daddy. It was like I had never realize what an amazing man he is!!! I was reflecting back on these past few years. My father has taken his mishaps with a stride and ease that those of us on the outside have not achieved. He does not seem to have to work at this, that is just how this man rolls.

He is the only kind of dad I know. He is near and dear to my heart. He makes my world a better place. He puts the frosting on my cake. I am not sure how I will go on without him.

My dad and I chat on the phone at least 3 times a day. You see he is just not my dad, he is my friend. He offers me exactly what I need at any given time. He is the perfect father for me.

Recently, he has not been feeling up to par. So, we have not had our daily chats. I miss them more than words can say. The past couple of days have been ridiculously busy around our home, yet, I keep picking up the phone and dialing my dad, to be disappointed that yet again I hear the answering machine. I am not mad, just sad that he is not up to picking on his youngest for just a few minutes, something that I know brought chuckles to the two of us.

Because I feel he is not "here" like he once was, I find myself revisiting all of our most beautiful memories. I remember being a little girl and spending every morning with him before school. He got me dressed and fed me breakfast. I remember our two week long camping trips during winter break where we would feed the homeless Christmas Dinner. He was amazing, every kitchen that man stepped into he would take charge and get things going. I remember my dad beaming with pride each and every formal dance I went to, I also remember how proud he was to see me graduate high school. I remember when I shared with him that I was pregnant at 18, I remember sharing with him the birth of his first grandchild, I remember going out to dinner with him and my dear husband when he asked my dad permission for my hand in marriage, I remember my wedding day and walking down the aisle with my mom and him, and I remember all of the silly day to day nuances we would chat about.

But, what is most admirable to me about my father is his belief and will. He never once stopped believing. He has lived through numerous heart attacks and strokes. He has walked away from each of these stronger than before. He ran 15 marathons after having open heart surgery, he has went through rehabilitation to walk and talk after having strokes. Today, is not for him what it used to be. He no longer has the freeness to do everything he once did. But, he does more than his fair share of what he can do and he takes these "tasks" very seriously. He gives advice wanted or not as sees put. And trust me when he gives this advice it it because he feels it deems a very strong warrant. He cooks 3 meals a day for my mom and cleans the house till it is spic and span. When we visit I catch him picking up microscopic pieces of lint off the carpet. He still makes me laugh all of the time. Like I said he throws himself into what life has to offer him 100%.

I could go on and on and on about my father, my dad, my daddy. He is so very very important to me and I am hoping and praying that he rallies through the hardship he has going on right now. So, we can again chat 3 times a day at the very least.


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Anonymous said...

Oh what I would give to have even the smallest of what you and your dad,daddy have...I have none of these thing with my own father..tho I've ached for a relationship with him my whole life you and dad,daddy, HERO are truly blessed.