Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Intention is ALOT, or at least it is to me. I have more than a few intentions and most of the time they are very well meaning, and some of the time well they are not so well meaning. Yeah, I am human and I do not live in a glass house. I hope to live long enough that all of my well meaning intentions make it to life! As for the not so well meaning I really do not have enough time to dwell on them so they generally just dissipate after I spew them out on a family member or dear friend, and sometimes both as one is just not enough to kill the fire.
Anyways, my intention with this Blog here is to keep it rolling!!! I would like to stop posting once every 6 months or more about how I am going to start it up again!!!! Aha! Intention is everything! It goes so far with this blog that many many many times during the day I think to myself that "this" is a great blog post. Too too many of the "this's" have flown away to never make it here.
So, I have decided that I need to take the time to write in this space, just like I take time to do dishes, tidy our home, cook 3-12 meals a day, do laundry, taxi my four lovely children to places and more places each and everyday. I have new bedtime ritual of working on my current crochet project for at least five minutes every night before I turn off and it has been so positive, I believe this will be a step in the right direction too.
When I first began this blog I envisioned one thing, than I began reading blogs and thought I would model mine after theirs', and than I went back and forth, and finally I came to light bulb moment when I realized, "HEY", I am me and we are we and this space is going to be just that!

P.S.: I am fully aware that according to spellcheck ALOT should not be capitalized, but I wanted it to be, to ensure you caught my drift. And of course"this's" is not a word, but it works and makes sense to me for what I am trying to get across.

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