Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is a special day, it is a day to celebrate you. You are special and you should be celebrated. You never liked birthdays much. And I on the other hand loved them. I never really knew why, as I definitely am not a lover of the “birthday party”, and that is all the rave when most of us think about birthdays. Than I had a few kids, and the term “birthday” took on a whole new meaning, “Birth-Day”. Aha! I love that, now that is indeed something to celebrate! Celebrate however you like, but celebrate, it is indeed a special day, it should be celebrated and never forgot.

My Father

We will never forget you, we will never stop celebrating you, and we will most definitely never not celebrate your, “Birth-Day”. I am sorry, dad, but it is an important day, and yes, you are without a doubt looking down shaking your head, “Telling us we really should not.” But, we are because you are important to us, we are lost without you, we miss you terribly, and dammit we are going to celebrate you!

Happy Birth-Day, Dad! XOXOXO

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your beloved dad!

Amy Albertson