Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A glimpse of the going ons in our home this morning

It is Tuesday and we are having a rather nice start to our day. We woke up and made some very yummy raspberry turnovers coupled with sliced apples and peanut butter, it made a delicious breakfast. While I cleaned up the kitchen and dining room, my kiddos rummaged through our scrap box and began making some very cool works of stuff.
Lillitha cut up a box into squares that she taped into a box to hold her "special trinkets". Nishan followed the directions on the inside of another cereal box to make a very cool spaceship. Zari was absolutely delighted to color with a pen and back of a cereal box and of course use scissors to pretend to cut. That girl of mine, she just gets right in there with the biggens', like no one has ever told her she is little. I am so happy that these kiddos of mine are putting all of these saved what nots to use with there rather large imaginations.
As I sit here typing, Lillitha is rocking out to a dvd of Music Videos that we some how acquired with a cd of Coral's. Zari and Lillitha are having a rock party of their own as Nishan gets a private screening.
Nishan is blowing up his sister's with the spaceship he made. He is now stuffing anything that will fit in it, to than shoot out the other end all over anyone who will have a BIG reaction.
Off to continue our day side by side creating many more memories to hold onto and treasure, as I am finding this time is flying by.

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