Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mom + Dad = 2 Rocks

May I introduce you to my mom, mother, best friend.

In the past 5 or 6 years while my father was ill, my mom's world became caring for him. In the past couple months our relationship has been rekindled. Do not get me wrong it was never lost, nor what I would call "negative", just different as we were both focused on my father, her husband. Our relationship strengthened through this time without notice, it was just all apart of the journey, and now we are reaping the benefits.

When one door closes, another always opens.

A door opening does not take away any of the pain one receives from a door closing. It brings hope, light, and refreshes ones soul.

My mom and I needed to freshen up our new journey together, we needed to lighten things up a bit. The journey here was hard, strenuous, difficult.
Our family rose to the occasion, endured the tougher times, celebrated the blessings, and strengthened our ties.

We took those ties and loosened them up a bit on a few days away in Palm Springs.

We celebrated the past, present, and future. We basked in what we have today, as many yesterdays made these days so much sweeter.

My mom is my best friend, just as my father is, without one, I would not have the other. They are both my rocks. I leaned more heavily on my father in the past 5 or 6 years, the tides have turned. My mom is whom I pick up the phone and talk to everyday now, she is my go to person, she is my mom, my best friend, and my living rock.

Years ago, I was unable to be there for her. Our relationship was one sided, my mom did a tremendous amount of giving and I taking.

Today there is give and take, it is really quite beautiful.

I look forward to celebrating life's blessings day in and day out with this amazing special woman.


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