Monday, April 11, 2011

We Chose To Leave the Sink Full of Dinner Dishes

Choices present themselves every second.

Tonight, the question was to wash dishes or not?

We opted for not.
Rather than wash, we rode for our first time using our new to us trailer. The girls have been asking for me to give them a ride since we bought it & Zari has specifically requested a ride to the the pork (park) by her chauffeur (aka momma).
They were ready and rearin' to leave before I could gobble down dinner and yet they waited so patiently while I fumbled around trying to get us all situated and safe before heading out on the town.

We made a pit stop for drinkable desserts. Nishan said, "Mom, I know you promised Hot Chocolates, but I really need something refreshing after that long ride." So, we split a smoothie and the gals enjoyed Hot Chocolates.

As they needed to warm up after enjoying the breeze while being chauffeured.

We decided to head over to the beach and ride along the promenade to lengthen our ride before heading home, because we were all having so much fun.

So much so that I was thinking it would be pretty cool to take pictures and ride my bike.

Not only did I get some way FANCY pictures, but I got myself a bent basket trying to save the kids, the camera, and myself.

OK, so the pictures suck, and I made a total ass out of myself, because I crashed to save the kids, the camera, and myself.

My advice is please do not try and ride a bike and take pictures at the same time, unless you use the handy wristlet thingy attached to the camera for moments such as these.

So, I crash purposefully not because I get enjoyment out of it.

My son on the other hand thinks it is the next best thing! He rode speedster style, crashed, walked back up the hill, and did this a good 5 more times.

I prefer to sit, push swinging children, and stare at the beauty of our earth.

Tonight was absolutely beautiful.

Lillitha looked up and said, "Hey momma look, look up there it is a half moon."

I looked up and snapped a few shots..."Time is swift, it races by; Opportunities are born and die...Still you wait and will not try-A bird with wings who dares not rise and fly."--A.A. Milne

We have choices, tonight we relished in the beauty of making the "right" one.

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Habibi (Salamet) said...

We left the dishes in the sink too!