Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Was In the Air & Hovering Over Daddy

Today was all about Daddy! "Why?", you ask. It is Valentine's Day after all, not Father's Day.
I will share with you why.
Because he is the the man I call my Husband, We built this castle together, where We raise our children together, We live our lives with each other, a bit for each other, and We most importantly LOVE each other.
And our children, well for beginners, he is their Daddy! He is the man they wake up each and every morning asking," It is a work day or does daddy get to stay home day?", he is the man they welcome home each and everyday with open arms and hearts, he is the man in their lives whom they love the most right now.
So, you see there is all of this love in the air, hovering specifically over the man we call husband and dad in our home.
But it is a day to celebrate all of those we love, well, we have decided today is for the one of the men in our house and each day following we will focus on all of the loved ones in our lives we did not celebrate today. You see we all love you so very much we have decided you need a day of your own too.

In preparation for our surprise impromptu Valentine Dinner at the "Sister's and Brother Cafe" we began our day early while still in jammies creating hearts decor galore.

Lilllitha was excitedly awaiting the arrival of her daddy, our guest of honor.

After decorations were hung and jammies changed we created a menu, set the table, and anticipated all the fun to be had.

Our guest of honor was indeed as surprised as they come, hungry as a bear in spring, and happily basking in all of the love and attention coming his way.

We do dinner a lot around the table all 6 of us, but tonight was different, it was extravagant in comparison, exciting, fun, just different, different in the most beautiful of ways.

The beauty erupted from the 5 us working together to celebrate the love of our family of 6.

~Momma had an idea, she shared her idea with her 4 kids
~Whom thought the idea was awesome
~The 5 of us brainstormed
~When we had our plan we each jumped in feet first and attacked
~ We were not without hiccups here and there
~Our love pulled us together and we kept on trekking

We ate and drank merrily while sharing good conversation and most importantly creating memories of one of our best Valentine's days ever!!!
Yes, we really all do agree it was the best yet...

There is not a better way to end a day than circling round the table yet again to indulge in some good yummy sweetness going in the tummy as well as the heart.
Tonight our hearts are indeed full of sweetness, more like overflowing, tummies too.
Happy Love Day to you all,

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