Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesdays, Papa, Nana, and Us

Wednesday mornings we load in the car and take the hour and half drive down to my parent's house. This weeks drive was especially beautiful because we drove the Malibu 27 mile scenic route. I have driven this same drive more times than I can count on my fingers and toes and each time is it as breathtaking as the time before.
Recently added to my bucket list is the Zuma Beach Sand Hill! There is way too much fun to be had there, I just know it.
Our arrival is always full of hugs, kisses, and food. My parents love to feed the people they love. We gather around the table a minimum of 2 times in the whole 6 hours we are there. It is what we have always done and will always do.
When we are not sharing a meal with laughter and chatter, you can find us somewhere in the kitchen cleaning or prepping, sprawled on the floor with kids, or my personal favorite place on the porch (aka The Looney Bin) visiting with my dad.

Wednesdays are special in this way, much of the time I get to lounge in my fave place with coffee, yarn, and needles. My mom takes the grand kids out for a Nana special and Papa and I chill on his porch. It has grown to be something that I look forward to, yearn for, the quiet stillness of just him and I. We chat, we laugh, we commiserate, we hug, it has become another thing we "do".

My dad he loves to be up at the sunrise and for as long as I can remember does his best to see the sunset. Our walks these days do not take us to the promenade for an up close and more personal view, but they take us right down the alley a few houses or so.

We shared the beauty in silence for sometime, the silence was as magical as the sunset itself.

Without surprise we always join around the table for dinner before parting ways. Saying good bye is never hard as we are already looking forward to our next visit at "The Looney Bin"!

I leave you today with a few of my father's funnies:
-"Cannot believe anyone would eat a foot long hamburger, it looks like a blob if shit on a bun!" (Must say it looked rather unappetizing all blown up on the front page of the paper.)
-"You have finally learned to make a good ol' cup of joe!" ( was just coffee, hot chocolate mix, and white chocolate macadamia nut creamer per his request.)
-"You are just like my wife!" (Well she is my mom.)
-"Police should throw down spikes in the alley so people will no longer drive so fast." (Yeah, maybe bu than you would have a ton of cars backed up in your alley with a whole lot of pissed off people.)

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