Monday, February 7, 2011

Taking Care of Momma Monday #2

Inspired by Twig and Toadstool I decided to take Mondays to share something or two that I did just for me. I find that the smallest of things generally makes or breaks our days around here. There once was a time when I lit candles daily, fresh flowers were a norm, and everything had its very own place. The thought of this makes me laugh with pleasure that things have changed so very much and squirm with delight that I am no longer so freaking anal retentive! Goodness me I am glad that I did a bit of lightning up. A bit sad that the scent of candles and flowers are no longer a daily presence in our abode.
Today, I bring you not just one, but two bouquets of fresh flowers adorning and scenting our home sweet home.

On my to do list sat written and lonesome after a few days of everything else being checked off, "Pick up Fresh Flowers for Me!". It sat and sat, and today being Taking Care of Momma Mondays, I strayed off our regular path home and pulled off the highway to buy flowers from the nice guy on the corner trying to make a living. I was so sad to realize I had only large bills with me and he had no change.

Being the day to take care of myself I went all out and asked him to hold the bouquets while I ran to Django's where I bought a cup of joe to make change to finally cross of buying the fresh flowers on the never ending to do list.
This cup of joe followed me to the beach this late afternoon where I kindly encouraged the kids to run free while I allowed my thoughts to follow suit.

Pure bliss

A perfectly wonderful way to end a day that ran a bit like a zig zag line, a sharp turn toward bliss immediately turned sharp turn chaos. Feeling so very blessed, bliss was our last stop on the line.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful scenery! We've been pretty blissed out recently too.


TwigandToadstool said...

How beautiful! Isn't it amazing how uplifted you feel when you see a bouquet of flowers in your home! I think you've inspired me to buy myself a bunch!! Thanks for joining in our self love fest!
xo maureen