Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Music Party

This year our family took the leap into the world of musical instruments.

Love Hans Ottsen, whom Coral and Nishan are learning by. He and his girlfriend decided they wanted the "recital" to provide the students with the experience of performing in front of an audience. It was to be about having fun, eating yummy food, drinking yummy drinks, and above all HAVING FUN!!! They actually stated on the invitation that "perfection was not a requirement. Having fun is."

This is where the term "recital" was nixed, as they felt it "conjured negative images of people in uncomfortable clothing, sitting in uncomfortable chairs, while experiencing uncomfortable feelings of nervousness and anxiety."

They wanted to avoid this as much as the black plague!

So the term "music party" was born.

They asked that the kids wear comfortable clothes, meaning no need to dress up, unless of course that makes one more comfortable. You can see that my son in grass stained jeans took this to heart and his teacher, Ahem, sneakers to boot! Just another reason to love him!

Ok, so Nishan was not able to abandon all feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Hans and him had a good ol' little pep talk.

And than a few seconds later my boy rocked the house with "Happy Birthday"!!!

And in celebration of a rather awesome and truly fun music party we ate and drank till our bellies were so full we probably could of rolled home.

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Anonymous said...

We're starting with Hans next week and I can't wait!