Saturday, February 12, 2011

A new "first time" added to the list of my kids "firsts" accomplishments!!!

My kids have begun to ask me the "when" and the "first" questions. You know the questions I am talking about, "How old was I when I walked?", "What was the first thing I ever said?", or "When was the first time I did x, y, or z?".? To be totally honest, I have no idea what the exact dates were or even exactly what the first word they said was.
What I do remember and can almost relive as if it was happening right now are the feelings I felt during these big momentous occasions for parents and children. I clearly remember the looks on each of my children as they accomplished each of their firsts, I can recall the crankies before and during their first teeth breaking through, I remember the build up to my eldest reading for her first time, I remember Nishan going on stage for his very first time. Today we added a new first time memory, Lillitha riding her 2 wheeler bike all on her own for the very first time.

She had asked a few times for us to take off her training wheels, we do, and soon after we are being asked to put them back on, and we do again.

Today she pleaded for us to take them off for a good 10 minutes. We complied, but kept the wrench close by to reattach the training wheels per our usual go around.

But, today was not like any other day! Our little Lillitha hopped on her bike and rode off like she had been doing it her whole life!!! Totally, absolutely, miraculously amazing!!!

Seriously, I was that amazed, and I am pretty much always that amazed when my kids succeed at things they have worked really hard for. And the big ol' cheesy momma tears always follow the "Holy Shit" that is my kid out there doing that moment.

Check out how excited and proud my little bean is!!! Her momma, daddy, sisters and brother are just as excited for her. Today, is one of those days were the "date" will fall away from our memories, but the memories will be full of all those wonderful emotions we felt today, the very first time our Lilli girl rode her 2 wheeler!

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