Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank goodness it is Friday

oh my this morning has been quite the morning. As usual the kiddos did not eat a very scrumptious breakfast. Well, at least I thought is would be most delicious, Bulgar porridge, berries, brown sugar, and a bit of milk. Ten o'clock and they are disintegrating from lack of nourishment. I must mention that they did not eat dinner last night either, as it was icky also. I could spend a lot of time discussing in rounds the fact that my kids would never starve themselves, but definitely hold out until they can gorge themselves on something they love to eat.
Anyways, we have painted a bit this morning, colored a bit, did a bit of laundry...but all in the midst of a lot of whining and crying. I kinda love the chaoticness of it all, it is a bit amusing that literally all four of my kids seem to be misaligned at the same time most frequently. It is a good way for me to prioritize what is most important. And, obviously the needs in my house are currently a mommy who is giving 100% of herself to the kiddies.

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