Friday, March 5, 2010


i have a baby sleeping across my lap. I am typing in rhythm to her soft little sounds of breathing in and out with a stuffed nose. The sound of Lego's being played with drifts in and out as the kids find the perfect piece to adorn their creations. Footsteps of kids heading up and down the stairs to begin this new day are heard. I sit here and bask in the love that I have each and every morning with my family. I truly love mornings with coffee in my quite office and my computer. I frequently come in here to begin our days. I love to sip, read, and listen to the sounds of my children also beginning their day. To another beginning.


Deborah Rabbon said...

i wish blog entrys had a *like* button :)

gardenmama said...

i love how you write about the simple beautiful pieces of your days with your little ones, so lovely.

Naturalearthfarm said...

Sounds so much like our home:)