Monday, March 15, 2010

4149 days old today

Tuesday November 3rd, I had an afternoon Dr.s appointment. She stated, "You have at least another week, make another appointment on your way out and I will see you than.". I was thinking you have to be kidding me, that is completely absurd, she will NOT be seeing me in another week without the baby in my arms. I headed home to get ready to eat dinner out with my parents at Hennesy's Tavern. We frequented this restaurant for yummy burgers throughout my pregnancy. It was a gorgeous night, we sat outside around the fire pit. I was determined to do everything possible to get this baby out of me, so I ordered the spiciest burger on the menu and topped it with even more hot sauce. After dinner I decided to go on a very long walk, it was pretty late. Looking back I was probably in very early labor, but had no idea at the time. At this point I was pooped, took a shower and went to bed. I woke up around midnight and felt this terrible urge to pee over and over again. I kept lugging myself to the toilet, but I just could not go. I think around the tenth time I sat on the toilet my water broke. Oh shit, I am really in labor and it is my due date, very cool. Before I could think any further I had a HUGE contraction, a topple you over what the fuck is this kinda pain. Coral's dad was asleep so I woke him up and let him know what was going on, called the Dr.s office next. They informed me I needed to head to the hospital soon, where the Dr. would meet me. I called my parents, as I wanted them to meet us at the hospital. And than there was another one of those big ole crash me down knife stabbing contractions. I decided I was going to shower before leaving to the hospital. On my way to the shower, putting my leg in the shower, my other leg into the shower, trying to take a shower I kept having to curl up in a ball to cope with the feeling of death I was having. No kidding I was pretty sure I was going to die. After my shower I curled up in fetal position in the living room than on all fours back to fetal position where I did this for awhile and lost track of the real world. I am not sure why or what pushed me back into reality, but all of a sudden it was life or death feeling I needed to get us to the hospital. I had a rather difficult time getting my significant other to move as quickly as I would have liked, but we did eventually make it to the hospital around 5:30am. Upon our arrival my dad was pacing the entry way with a wheel chair in hand. I was literally climbing the doors and windows of the car. I plopped myself into the wheel chair faster than one can blink, thinking that the hospital gods were gonna save me, I do not know why. Little did I know that I was going to have sit in that chair to sign papers, to be taken to the room, where they seriously expected me to be able to change my clothes and put on a hospital gown by myself. I had been moaning and literally screaming throughout the wheel chair ride, now all of a sudden I was going to be thinking clearly enough to think I was not dying? A very unhappy nurse helped me out of my clothes into the ugly gown when I immediately fell to the bed writhing in pain. My mom really wanted me to breath, I really did not want to breath, all I could think about was getting rid of the pain that was going to take me to heaven. Finally the Dr. who was going to deliver my baby walked in when I sat straight up in bed and asked very matter o' factly, "That he immediately cut the baby out of me, now, right now.'! And just as matter o' factly he informed me that is not how they do things there. I would be ok and at that he walked out. So, this is when I tell the nurse she better do something so that I can stop feeling like I am ripping in two. After my epidural, which was pain stakingly scary to receive, was working, I lay there wondering what the hell as I supposed to do now. It was very surreal. I remember not liking how I was feeling, but knowing that there was nothing that I would do about it. I hate sitting still and now I was not only forced to sit in this bed, but I was so very nervous and could not do a single thing to mute those feelings being stuck in one position with eight or more eyes on me at all times. I had completely lost track of time at this point. It felt like all of a sudden there were about ten nurses in scrubs standing at the door to the room, and than abruptly walked in the Dr. declaring that we were going to have this baby in two pushes or I was having a cesarean. I was not having a cesarean folks, we were going to get that baby out. And, I cannot tell you how I did as I could not feel a thing, but I got that little girl out on the second push. Yes I did!!! I pushed her out, and I still have no idea how. The Dr. held her upside down like she was a trophy asking that the nurse write down he had just delivered a baby with her cord wrapped around her neck twice. Umm...okay that was really wierd, but is she okay, can I hold her, can I see her??? A lot, of commotion ensued, the nurses and little gals daddy were doing all the newborn baby numbers, bathing, and clothing of her. I was stuck delivering the placenta still on my back in that very uncomfortable bed. Finally the moment that made all of that worth it, I got to hold my little girl for the very first time. She was just beautiful, she could not have been more perfect. I felt so happy to have a healthy baby, to have not died (yes, I really thought I was dieing), and to have escaped a cesarean. I was a young woman, and I had survived labor, I would indeed be able to care for my first born at a mere 19 years old. And, my Dr. did not see me in another week without that baby in my arms, she saw me six weeks later for our postpartum visit proudly carrying in Coral Alisa Young.

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