Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Few Things I Did Not Do Today

I did not take a shower before taking my gals to their Saturday practices. Instead we ate breakfast together and took our time getting out of the house. No rushing and chaos!
I did not sweep the floors today because I chose to cuddle my kids in bed hoping ever so hoping for a mid afternoon nap, but instead turned into one big long pillow fight and no naps.
I did not do the dirty dishes from a late snack tonight, because I chose to hold my gal on the couch like she asked.
I did not fold and put away Mount Laundry. I chose to look the other way and say screw it, today is about being here with my kids and husband. It is the weekend and here with them putting smiles on our faces is where I want to be.
Tonight I write this post to keep myself focused on why I chose to not do these things. I will not stay up into the whee hours to accomplish these things. I will smile when I have to wipe my feet clean on my jammy pants before crawling in bed, I will have my gal who I snuggled on the couch get sudsy with me and clean dishes tomorrow, I will chuckle tomorrow while folding laundry at the memory of our pillow fight. Tomorrow is a new day for new memories and maybe some of those will include tidying up, but today was about good old fun without a lot of the to dos!

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