Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here are a few pictures from our Halloween Weekend.
We enjoyed our usual fun~Halloween Party to kick off the weekend, Pumpkin Carving the day before Halloween, and FANTASTIC friends to Trick or Treat with.
Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!
We love this handsome little guy. I shower his soft baby skin with kisses more than he might like.
After Trick or Treating the boys are reaping the rewards.

Super Friends!
A Very Very Mad Hatter!!! Only her mom would know the real truth and she is definitely MAD!
Jason's pumpkin and Nishan's
I am biased, but are these not just awesome?
I of course think so!
Getting into the mindset to eat chocolate covered bugs. Umm...GROSSE!!!
And he is the first one to chomp one down.
So proud of himself to solving the dilemma of hating the feeling of pumpkin goo, but not letting it stop him from the carving fun.
She is a funny girl this one. Zari will do all on her own, with no help. As her mom, I declare a little crazy right now and I felt the above picture is enough said!Ohhh, but here she is just like and Angel.
Momma is a piggy, Nishan is a gun toting Shakespearean, and Zari's self expression says it all.
The weekend ends amongst our fantabulous friends and a bit of trick or treating.

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