Friday, October 22, 2010

Kitchen Chatter

For the last 5 mornings I have woken to the exact words, "Mommy wake up, I want you to cook me an egg!" Cook an egg at 6 in the morning is not quite what I had ever imagined I would be doing at 6 am!!! But, I am am mom, a mom of 4 little ones, and cooking eggs is just one of the things I do at 6 in the morning.
With my eyes still half way closed, I find my way down the stairs into the kitchen where I begin my day. I sometimes wonder if I am ritualistic. I make coffee while my kids talk louder than I care for. To get away from the noise, I make my way to opening all of the blinds in our house room by room and picking up the nights pillows and blankets that are strewn about. Ahhh...the pot of coffee is brewed and ready to be sipped out of my favorite mug. This my friends is pure bliss and now makes that incessant chatter like music to my ears.
So, we sip coffee, chat away, and make breakfast each and every morning together. Together is what is important to me.
Our family does a lot together and much of this time is spent in our kitchen creating meals. I absolutely delight in the moments that our hands are busy cooking and our mouths are busy sharing ourselves.
I have found that especially with my children when their hands are busy they seem more free and open to let their words escape their heads. I find that they are more honest and raw, unhindered.
Today in our kitchen we shared time and tales making popcorn/ pretzel bars. They were as much fun to make as they were to eat!

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