Monday, January 31, 2011

Taking Care of Momma Mondays

A dear friend called a few days ago and asked if I might have her kiddos over while she tended to a few things in her life that needed her attention sans littles. You bet I jumped at the chance to have friends over for my troops! It is a win, win situation for the both of us moms!
However, being such a dear friend and sometimes knowing better what I need for myself, than I do, she insisted she have all 4 of my kiddos over for a few hours on Sunday.

I hid the kidless few hours secret from my husband thinking that a date would be a ultra cool surprise. I cannot tell you the last time my hubby and I have had a "real" date. To my dismay he quickly caught onto my sly ways and found out the "Kidless, Real Date secret. Alas, I still went ahead with my plans and had him on board to keep the kidlets at bay, while I prettied myself up.

A date and a flawless face go hand in hand! You know on dates you get pretty up close and personal. Ok, so not so much anymore, but I really love masks and definitely do not apply them often enough, because the last time I did was here.

From my head down to my tosies, I had full intention of looking as good as I felt about a few hours around town with my man.
We began at The Taj, a local Indian Cuisine that I had high hopes of eating at sooner than later. Such an awesome guy, my man is he obliged even though it was not what his palette was craving. (He even spent hours thrifting with me!!!)
Love him!!!
To his surprise and not so much mine, it was fantastic food! We will definitely be heading there, maybe even with the kids. It was that good!

We finished off at Dargan's with a Bloody Mary for him, Coffee for me, a Mudd Pie for us, and a whole lot of good conversation throughout.
Thank you friend for pushing me to take sometime for my hubby and I and thank you Twig and Toadstool for pushing me to take care of me.
It really is the little things that make me feel better!


twigandtoadstool said...

I'm inspired! One thing I find so hard to do is find time for my go out on a date and nurture myself with the love of my man! Making that time truly is a win-win for all!
Thanks for joining in our Mama love!
xo maureen

Deborah Rabbon said...

sounds like a dream date...good for you two.