Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Man I Call Dad and My Kids Call Papa

David L. Abelson

August 31, 1943 - February 20, 2011

My father set out to teach me only a few things, and the rest he left to living and learning.

1-Family is everything, it is the only thing you will have in the end.

2-If you are lucky you will a few friends less than you can count on one hand who you will consider to be family.

3-Respect...not the kind of respect you beat out of someone. Just good wholesome treat and speak to others as you would like done to you.

There is no denying that I relied on him for much much more. As I grew up, he continued to grow wiser. My husband and I joked that he was the Wizard of the Wise. He was the man we went to when we were lost, which was much of the time. He is the man I went to all of the time, whether it be a shoulder to lean on, a good laugh, or somebody to chat away the day with. And no matter where he was, at work, at home, or on the phone, I kid you not he stopped what he was doing and always, always gave me a few moments. ALWAYS, his world stopped for just a few minutes to hear me out.

He was a really really good father to me and a most wonderful grandfather to his grandchildren. He was the first to greet Coral out of the womb. Nishan, Lillitha, and Zari it was again meeting them for the first time when his heart melted. We visited him frequently in these past 5 years and he was insistent that before he left he would teach the kids manners and respect. He must of felt confident enough that I could handle the "Family First" bit.

We are all heavy with emotion in these parts. Tears well up in our eyes at the drop of a pin. Memories are sparked throughout the day, prompting us to call my Mom (the kids Nana) or that dear friend (we are lucky enough to have). Our days have a different ebb and flow than previously, not good nor bad, just different. Life shall continue...

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