Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning Beginnings

I began "Spring Cleaning" today. I thought it would be best to start small and end big. I was looking for a smoking hot fire under my ass, as mine as been pretty sedentary until today. I trekked up to my boys forbidden territory, thinking this would be the perfect start, a good place to find inspiration for the rest of the cleaning to come. His room is a shoebox, no really like a shoebox in comparison to the rest of the house, thus he had a nightstand, a teeny tiny bookshelf, and his bed. Like I said a perfect simple beginning to my "Spring Cleaning" goal. Yeah, well that damn simple, cozy, quaint little bedroom took me like 4 hours to thoroughly clean inside and out. Holy moly, 4 stinking hours of my life! That means that everyother room in our house may take me like 6-8 hours as they are all double to triple that size and thus have way more junk!!! AHHH....I am scared. I think I just put out my own fire I started under my ass, as I am weeping tears of utter angst. And, now you understand how much I would prefer to not spend my precious time cleaning! But, oh, oh, oh, how I do LOVE the cleanliness afterwards!!! LOVE it, like even tough it was 4 hours, now that it is all done, I would do it all over again. But, you see the problem now lays in the fact that because I rarely clean, that when I do , I want to do everything I can to keep it that way for extended periods of time. And, well that just is not going to happen with 6 people living here, now is it. Thinking hard about joining Flylady. I think it is high time we lived with a bit of cleanliness, but I dunno, as I kinda thrive on the whole, "oh me oh my it is killing me", feelings that kick in, and than I just do it all at once. Back to right now, I am LOVING the cleanliness and simplicity of my little guys room. It is now a clean shoebox with a bed. We did away with the 2 extra pieces of furniture, as they were just more surface area to accumulate dust and junk. Simplicity is where it is at, folks. And, now tonight I am cozied up in our living room looking a bit like Ma Ingalls, but with a laptop, listening to my daughter breath to the rhythm of her dreams, & enjoying the company of my husband. A perfect ending to the first day I have done more than just sit!

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Habibi (Salamet) said...

I hate cleaning too, but like you, totally love the clean, clean house! Good luck dear!