Monday, November 1, 2010


Mornings are my favorite time of day. All of my babes wake up ready to conquer the world, and Zari is no different. After she nurses till her eyes are open wide with wonder, she sits up and gets down to bussiness. Lillitha and Nishan a few years older each take to my sides and snuggle in as deep as they can get. Nishan may not ever leave that warm little nook, he would love it if I would stay in bed and read to him ALL day. After a few minutes Lillitha is off to join Zari in morning bed sillies. Those two have a ball together in the wee hours of the morning. We call wee hours 6-7 am over here. I am still extremely groggy and you can generally catch me falling back asleep only to be woken by two giggling girls. It is exactly those giggles that finally force me to pry open my sleepy eyes to catch my gals in action with my son keeping me warm.
It is getting cold here and finally feeling a bit like Fall, my favorite!!! Love waking up to the cold and being forced to throw on Uggs and big old comfy sweater before making it out of the bedroom.
When we begin having so much fun that we cannot contain our excitement we make our way downstairs where we will be out of ear shot of Coral. We try to let her sleep as long possible as she is really grouchy if she does not get enough sleep. As, a side note I am way grumpy when I am tired too.
This is where the best part of the morning comes in, Coffee Time!!! As soon, as my two feet hit the bottom stair I am off to make coffee. I LOVE coffee in the morning. I love that first sip, I love how it tastes, how it warms me up, and most importantly how it wakes me up. Once I have swigged down a cup, 2, 3, or sometimes even 4, I am ready to rock the day. Too, bad my rocking usually hits a crash landing around 2 or 3.
Mornings, are the best, they involve coffee, bedroom giggles, bedhead and jammies. When Coral makes it downstairs still bleary eyed after 1o hours of sleep, I stop for a moment and take in my four kiddos all in the glory of morning time. For as long as I can remember there is just some distinct morning feeling that I LOVE!!!
I feel so blessed that I have four kiddos to share and treasure this time with. Mornings rock, they are a beginning of a brand new slate, the beginning of a new day, and everything GRAND always had a beginning.

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