Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crossing One Off the Summer 2011 Bucket List


It was another busy Monday with a dentist appointment, Costco run, impromptu Fabric Store stop and whatever else I was trying to get done.


Oh and a stop at the Decker’s our local Uggs Outlet Store. Could you of resisted those knitscrumptious boots? Well, I could not, they make me want to eat my kids legs, literally gobble them up, they look so darn delicious.

After a day that I tried to jam way to much into all I wanted to do was go home and sleep. Ha ha ha…yeah it was never going to happen. Hello? I do have kids and yes, they need me till I send them off to sleep.

Upon arriving home and taking over an hour to put away groceries, Lillitha had requested at least 10 times if we could bike to the beach and eat  dinner. Great minds think alike! Earlier I had shared on Facebook that I hoped to make it to the beach.

Hopping on the bike, feeling the wind in my hair, arriving at the beach, it was the perfect way to end a pretty funky day.


My family ate, I sat, stared, listened, and learned. I seriously took mental notes as I watched my children so simply embrace that time, right where they were, as if there were nothing else to think of in the world.












Each of them in a way all their own, did as they pleased, what made them feel good, without interruption, guidance, or direction. They owned themselves and that time. This gave me room to sit still in my own thoughts without interruption.

It really is a beautiful thing to witness your children live life fully. When I sit still and watch my children live, I learn so much more from them than I could of ever imagined.

Lillitha requested, wanting to say yes more than no, I obliged, thinking, “I am going to say ‘yes’ more than no and that a picnic at the beach is on our newest bucket list”. This was most definitely a very, very worthy yes. Proving why one must say yes even when all this momma wanted to do was sleep.

We laughed, we smiled, we chatted, we joked, we ate, we ran, we walked, we biked, we learned, we felt, we watched, and when we laid our heads to rest we smiled just a bit wider.

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