Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The World is My Playground


We are blessed to have what I believe to be the world’s most beautiful offerings, the beach, right in our own backyard. I love the beach, She calls my name each and everyday to come and play with her. I find myself ignoring her soothing voice more often than not.


Taking the time to say yes to the things that call to my heart, we found ourselves playing in our own backyard.


We explored, we soaked in the sun, we dug our toes deep into the sand, we played, we threw stones, we got knocked over by waves, we exhaled and relished in this moment, knowing, we were right where we were supposed to be.


I need to do this more often.

We need to do this more often.


Spontaneity, saying yes, going with the flow, letting our hearts desires lead us through our days. I want more of this.


I yearn to be free from my to do lists. I feel handcuffed to our lives daily needs.


We fell into a beautiful rhythm over the past year or so, but it was missing something. It was missing that spur of the moment kick your heels up and dance kind of fun.


It is summer, it is time to say yes, more than no.


It is time to let the laundry pile high. It is time to leave the dirty dishes in the sink. It is time to allow toys to be strewn through the house. It is time for beds to go unmade. It is time to let the little things go.


It is time to play with my children. It is time to laugh with my children. It is time to have fun with my children. It is time to embrace this moment along side my children. It is time to take these days and face them head on with my hearts desire and leave all else aside.


These kids of mine, they are growing fast. These days, years have flown by since I first became a momma almost 13 years ago.


I cannot waste time with petty nuances in our days, but must focus on the little things that create the big picture.


The little things take time, they force us to slow down and steep in our days. They are beautiful.


All of this is not to say that I do not have a daily desire to check off my to do lists.


It is about doing my darndest to find a happy medium. Why it is so hard for me to play in the middle, I do not know. But dang it is.


So, we are pondering lives journey, wondering where we will go next, wondering what is in store for us. Finding that in this holding pattern, I am either the to do task master, or the live life for today fun fairy.


We will find our way to check off lists and throw off our shoes and dance in the sun, as where there is a will there is a way.


My children will be left with memories, I want these memories to be the perfect balance of our daily rhythms and our spur of the moment live your life fun.


And goodness me, I best be remembering these fleeting moments just as they were. My children teaching me all over again how to live life to the fullest, how to live life fearlessly, how take hold of what I want and reel it in. Smile more, laugh more, cry more, and say it just like it is. Yes, that is what is exactly what I hope to reminisce when I am 80 while sitting on my porch swing holding hands with Jason speaking of the old times.


For right now, I will say yes more to my heart, to my children, to my life. I will stray away from complacency.


We will still tend to our daily rhythms, but I will not allow them to get the best of our lives.


What is your secret? How do your entangle fun with responsibilities?

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