Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 5 Family Reunion Dress by Oliver + S sew along with Above All Fabric


I cannot tell you where my fear of finishing things off stems from, but it seriously took a lot of talking myself into sitting down at the machine and finishing up these dresses.


Ok, so they are not totally finished. I may be the lone Above All Fabric sew along sewer that needs 6 days rather than 5 to be 100% done, but eh’ I am now one day away. Ohhh…and I sewed two, not just one. Hahaha…excuses, excuses.


I am super d’ duper hip hop happy with the final outcome thus far. I am so happy, that I am seriously considering having the buttonholes done by a professional seamstress, as I really do not want to screw up the nice handy work I have done.


I highly recommend this pattern being that it is my first Oliver +s, but folks be ready as I will be blogging a plenty about many more. This pattern was wonderful! I love the simple instructions, written in English, as opposed to sewing jargon. The diagrams were simple and self explanatory. The writers of the pattern were ever so kind to add in hints, that made the sewing so much more pleasurable. Folks, I am telling you this pattern was W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L, wonderful, wonderful. I sewed these little kitty cats up every night beginning at about 10 and I still maintained sewers sanity throughout the whole experience. So, if you are a beginner hop on the train here, and if you are advanced well sew it whenever. For a more advanced sewer it is the equivalent to reading mindless, fun, reading.


There you have it. Tomorrow, I will be purchasing buttons and finishing up these cuties. Or shall I see a seamstress or myself will be finishing them up.

If you have any advice on sewing buttonholes using a Bernina Virtuosa, they would be greatly appreciated!!!



Habibi (Salamet) said...

So very adorable!

SarahB said...

Your dress turned out so sweet! Buttonholes are intimidating. :) Just practice a few on a scrap and go for it, it will be fine!

Jessica said...

Do the buttons holes yourself! I had to rip 3 out this morning. I used the blouse placement instead of the dress :( Look through your manual. My Janome comes with a button hole foot and has a setting to automatically know how big to sew the hole (you place the button on the back of the foot). It seems scary, but it's not. You'll do great. Do a practice one first!