Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 1 Family Reunion Dress by Oliver + S Sew Along with Above All Fabric


I decided spur of the moment today to cease the itch I had to join this sew along. I came across it here a few weeks ago, I did not think it was a good idea for me to add something new to my already full platter. However, as the days have slowly slid by, it is the perfect thing for me to keep myself busy with.


When I decided I just had to join on in the sew along, we hopped into our local fabric store on our way home and came home with just what we needed.


An Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress Pattern that will fit two of my gals, Fabric that will make both the girls giddy, and Notions to complete the sew along.


After we got the little people to bed, my hubby and I kept ourselves busy in our shared craft room.


I decided it was best to not bite off more than I could chew, so I focused on getting one dress pattern traced and cut out tonight.


Tomorrow, I am aiming for dress #2, as the sew long day 2 is not again till Wednesday.


I am super excited to have decided to scratch that itch and join along. I have been wanting to sew using an Oliver + S pattern for over a year and just never took the plunge.


Hoping to fall in love with sewing with these patterns, hoping to have 2 new dresses for my girls to wear in Florida, hoping to smile more, frown less, and enjoy working on something to keep my mind off the current frustrations we are living.


And tonight I lay me head to bed feeling a tad bit better after completing Day 1 of the sew along.

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