Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 2 Family Reunion Dress by Oliver + S Sew Along with Above All Fabric

I have spent the last 2 nights blissfully acquiring the skills to sew a pintuck. Actually 24 pintucks. I jumped into this project without any knowledge on exactly what skills I would need to have to sew the Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress. I confidently traced and cut out 2 sizes in the pattern without much thought. So, when I began Day 2 of the sew along focusing on pintucks and button tabs, my confidence immediately screeched to a halt.


I kid you not I read the instructions at least a handful of times, looked here at least another 5 times, and than traced and pinned another 5 times, till the damn light bulb turned on.


24 pintucks later & a bit of stain remover for the ultra technical/ professional tracing skills I was ready and rearing to get on to the much simpler button tabs.


It has been a while since I have sewn using a pattern. As you may have noticed I tend to sew things made of rectangles and only rectangles. I never realized how versatile the simple rectangle would be in my sewing career. Anyway, point being that when using “real” patterns, you sometimes need to bust our the big guns.


Today, I used tracing paper, a tracing wheel, a ruler, a water soluble pen, and lots and lots of pins.


The finished results were more than worth it. I cannot believe how rewarding the small intricate steps are in this sew along. With my confidence a bit stronger I am looking forward to Day 3 sewing the shoulder seams and front neck facing.

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Habibi (Salamet) said...

That is shaping up to be sooooo cute! (and next time you can call me, lol.)