Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Performance Filled Weekend

I am in love with the feeling I get upon seeing my kids do their thing. Our weekend was filled with a Spring Ballet Recital and a Mayan Myth called Man of Creation.


What can I say, other than dude, my kid blows me away every time! She amazes me!


I am blown away by her determination, dedication, and desire to dance.


She would rather attend dance class than visit Nana, she would rather dance than have a play date, she would rather dance than go to the movies. I know, you are thinking, really??? I am 100% telling you the truth. The examples I used are just a few things that have come up during a time when she would be going to class, and almost every time she opted for class. I can clearly remember a few times when I made the momma call that we would be skipping dance class, and that sweet little girl of mine was a very sad and disappointed girl of mine.


I was all smiles with a few tears watching her perform up on that huge stage with her 6 little classmates all on their own.


I loved that they looked to each other when they were a bit unsure, I love that they looked to each other to encourage one another…


I loved that they looked down to double check their little feet were doing exactly as they were telling and hoping them to do.


And Oh My Goodness do I love, love, love the smiles and sparkle in each and everyone of these 7 little girls faces when they



They did it, my girl did it, all on her own, with just themselves, they stood up on that stage and danced their dance!


A few of these girls danced not once but twice today, way up there on that big stage.


This time they had a bit of help from their wonderful teacher, Mrs. Eidson. I watched from the wings this time, per Lillitha’s request.


I watched with joy as she danced her danced, I smiled with love when she stopped dancing to smile at her family, and I giggled when I saw her little hand sneak up to wave at her brother sitting in the audience.

What can I say as much as I am in love with all those wonderful “d” qualities, I love, love, love that she “dances” to her own tune, breaking all the little “no, nos” of “good” stage presence. It was most definitely perfect stage presence for her family whom filled up the whole center front row.

We love you Lillitha and we are ever so proud of the little dancing lady you have become.



Coral was cast as one of three Gods in the Mayan Myth, The Dawn of Creation.


Coral astonishes me time and time again. I am inspired by her confidence to jump on stage and perform, by her abilities to adapt to so many different kinds of parts, and her determination to make each and every production she is a part of a good one. Once Coral accepts a part, she gives it her all and she expects and wants the same from all of her cast mates.


I think she struck gold this time. This production was absolutely fabulous! I loved the authenticity of everything from the story, to the handmade costumes, to the music.


Coral put more effort and time into this performance than any other. This director pushed her far out of her comfort zone, and she rose to the occasion.


In my book, my little lady outdid herself, she amazed me, it reminded me of the very first time I ever saw her on stage, she did a jaw dropping performance today.

Coral, you will go far in this journey of yours, you soared higher than ever today!!! We love you young lady…

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