Monday, June 20, 2011

A Few Fun Moments from Today

My kiddos had me giggling today, all day long. We began with the Scary Sisters.

They had me at AHHH!!!! Scream and after scream, I just kept laughing harder and harder. Silence would settle and I would find myself asking for just, “one more scary scream”.

After a screaming good time, we gathered in the kitchen and ate cookies straight off the pan. Can you say, “yummy'”? I should never ever stray away from baking for this long again. Which is most definitely easier said than done, as every time I enter the kitchen my longing for my father is almost unbearable. Which would explain the lack of cooking in these parts these past few months.


Nishan began our summer string of camps today. While he reinvented recycled goods into action figures and town buildings, the gals and I rode bikes to the beach park.


I seriously have not a thing to complain about. Sitting on the beach, swinging my beans, knitting, and chatting with my eldest. The day was good.


When I did not think it could get any better, my kids got together and performed a Dance Show for momma’s and dada’s only. If you can keep a secret, I can too. Please enjoy a few snapshots from our private screening.

Do you see those chunky monkey thighs? Oh my, I want to just gobble them up. So utterly delicious. And, then my Lilli with her impish little smile. My smile was ear to ear…

And then my son presented his robot man, and my cheeks began to hurt I smiled so hard.

I ended the night finishing up Day 4 of the Family Reunion Dress by Oliver + S sew along with Above All Fabric. I am so very happy with the way my girls dresses are sewing right up.

Today was not just a good day, but a pretty awesome one if you ask me!!!

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Melanie said...

It is a totally awesome day!!! yay!!! And yay on the dress too :-)