Thursday, June 23, 2011

a New Fridge, a Cleaner Kitchen, & a Surprise for my Hubby

It all started with cleaning a refrigerator. A few years ago I was cleaning our frig out, I was doing some thorough cleaning. The kind where you find yourself taking everything, food, shelves, and drawers out. Well, I was doing such a great job that I took out s shelf, walked through the house, out to hose it off, when all of a sudden it shattered everywhere. So, if you are thinking it is time to hose off you’re the compartments to you fridge, please be sure to check whether or “plastic” shelves are glass. Hahaha…still makes me chuckle to this day. Anyway that was just the beginning to the downward fall of our fridge, that we had bought maybe a year before all of this began. Shortly after the shattered glass, one of the side door shelf holder in things cracked and than just split. A few months after that the crisper drawers both cracked and broke after another cleaning. Just a week ago second shelf thing a ma jig broke. To say the least we have been making do. I have been on the look out for a good deal on a fridge. The cost of shipping and parts for replacements on our current fridge are as much a new to us fridge.


And than the new to us fridge made her appearance yesterday afternoon, and for free! Downside, this puppy smelled and needed some major cleaning. My husband was doubtful.




He gets really annoyed at me for taking in free stuff that needs too much tender loving care in his opinion. However, I promise you this time he will be utterly surprised! I cleaned it thoroughly, and not a single thing broke!!! Yee haw, we are on the road to having a fully functional fridge.


After spending a few hours on the fridge, I came into the house and began the much needed spring cleaning in the hardest room in the house. You guessed it, the kitchen. I just had to do it, a girl cannot bring a new fridge into a dirty mess of a kitchen. She may break and fall apart if you are not up to par.


The kitchen is so overwhelming to me, that to today I focused on the appliances and wiping down walls, cupboards, and floors.


After a weekend away, I will haul all the chotksys out of the cupboards and wipe em’ down.


After the kitchen I have only the laundry room and two closets. Hooray, the big spring cleaning binge is almost said and done.

Than I am moving on to some sewing for the Florida trip and a few things I realized I need for the house after cleaning it up and out.

Happy weekending to all of you….


Hey Babe, this one is for you. No more unnecessary smoke detectors going off at all time of the day.

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