Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keeping It Real

~I am so not looking forward to Father’s Day, like not at all. Not a single bone in my body is feeling it this year. I am not ready to celebrate my father, as he is not here in the flash to celebrate with. Yes, I know so many things that I can focus on to feel better, but right now I want to feel his loss. One day I will be ready to celebrate the father he was.

~It is becoming more and more difficult to stay positive and in the moment regarding my husbands “employment” or lack there of.

~Staying positive is exhausting and rewarding.

~Feeling perplexed by our current situation.

~Navigating my way through the cycle of grief and finding it to be tiresome and troublesome.

~Frustrated by our current economy.

~Skeptical of our political system.

~Ready to head to bed, snuggle my wide awake 2 year old, and immerse myself in a love story, forgetting the trials and errors of right now.

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