Monday, December 27, 2010

The Art of Celebrating Holidays

Celebrating holidays is so very important to me on many levels. It has been a road traveled many times beginning with my own childhood. I do not believe that there is a wrong way or a right way, but different ways.

This year we marked as the year it seems to have all come together for us. We feel that we found balance with all that we wanted this Holiday Season to hold. We blended new and old traditions, we delved a little deeper into why and how these holidays are celebrated, and Santa did is due diligence to deliver what each of my littles requested.

My memories are not cluttered with materialism, but are cluttered with many many picturesque moments we shared throughout the weekend.

Today we spent our day putting away Holiday and reconnecting after a very busy few weeks. We are looking forward to spending the rest of our week staycationing while Daddy/ Hubby is off of work.

Hoping all of you had a wonderful time celebrating in whatever way brings many smiles and warm fuzzies to you and yours.

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