Monday, December 13, 2010

It Twas' One of "Those" Days

Nishan and Lillitha

Today was one of the "those" days. The kind where you continually envision your self running away to an uninhabited island. There was not one thing or many things that caused the day to run so rickety, other than my nerves. I never realized what an impact my mood, even when I try to keep it quiet it around the kids, still deeply influences them and their behavior. I was a wreck, I spent a bit of time talking myself in circles on the phone to a friend and talking it over coffee at my kids Spanish class to some other mommas and than on to my mom. All that talking and I still did not really feel any better. So, than it was on to my soap box on Facebook. I decided soon after while sewing yet another Nutcracker costume, that my kids and I needed some fresh air. We needed a good walk with some idle chit chat and the love of watching my kiddos treasure hunt (bottle caps galore). While strolling, I felt myself relax and found my thoughts to be more peaceful. My little world seemed to fall into place in that 45 minutes or so. And, than in 5 short minutes it kinda just all fell apart again. Like, I said it was one of "those" days. I was pretty much on edge, hubby and kids were steering clear.

As the night came to a close, we began our night time rhythm (not in love with the word routine). Jason washed dishes, I prepared the littles for bed. My second (close runner up to mornings) favorite part of the day!!! Ahhh... all of the good emotions began to flood me all over again, as the kiddos and I spent our regular amount of 5 minutes finding our snuggle spots on the couch together. Once everyone is good and comfy, we begin reading and shortly after the heavy eyelids flitter and flutter until they take their last little peek accompanied by 4 sleepy sighs. This indeed is no time to get up and run away, I am enveloped between my children and take this time to flood my thoughts with all of the positives and drown the ickyness of the day. I find this time to be forsaken. Tonight I processed our day, and hope that the lessons will stick.

Because, if they stick, I may not need that uninhabited island after all.

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