Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Little Party Girl and Baby Mouse

The last I shared with you, we were all looking forward to seeing Lillitha perform in The Nutcracker.

My oh my were all of us impressed by this little gal.

Waiting in line to have her stage make-up applied.
When she heard she was going to wear "real" makeup her face lit up like a light bulb!

Glamour girl

Lillitha ready to go on stage with her Party Girl partner.
Please take notice that the girls are standing proper with their hands out to the side and not mussing up their pretty dresses.

You can doll up a girl all you want, but you cannot take away whom they really are.

Proud momma and Proud Lillitha!!!
I mentioned I would need tissues, well geesh did I need tissues. Who would of thunk after all of those rehearsals and than being backstage during the first performance?
But still the tears started flowing when she hit the stage and I was in the audience for the real deal. It was so "bad", a dad sitting next to me said, "Dude, that must be your daughter?"
I silently shook my head and smiled a ridiculously huge grin. I should of looked at him and said, "Hell yes, it is my daughter and I am damn proud of that little 4 1/2 year old up there!!!
New Ballet Slippers, pristine and clean ready to hit the stage.

Her first time performing on stage and she kicked ASS!!!

All smiles!

All done with the party scene and heading backstage for a quick change into...

the Baby Mice.

These little gals were so cute with their paws out in front and their tiny feet scampering about.

Big Sister and Big Brother so proud of their Little Sister after the show.

Still beaming with pride and admiration at our gal!
Hope I can pop in tomorrow to share a bit about our elving and Holiday fun.
Hope you are all enjoying this special time of year!

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