Thursday, December 9, 2010

Out Little Craft Roll

Hanukkah has come to a close, we are in the midst of Holiday Productions, than squeezing in a 2 year olds birthday, and that will allow is to zero in on Christmas. Oh me, Oh my, how time flys!
I have not shared a lot of our crafting and what nots so here it is:
1: We rolled our own Beeswax Hanukkah Candles
I am loving that my when my husband arrived midway through he brought on a whole new level of inspiration!
The kids were so proud to have candles they made in our menorahs.
2: We Cookie Cutter Painted blue wool I had stuffed away.
I have no idea what we will make with this now Hanukkah Printed Wool, but I do have a few ideas mind that will make the most wonderful Holiday gifts.
3:I did my first Lamp Shade Recovering.
This lamp is dear to us, as it was my husband's grandparents. Our family is a bit rough on things and we tore the original Lamp Shade in a few places and it was no longer easy to hide the tears by turning them to the backside.
I bought many, many, many yards of this fabric at the Thrift Store and originally thought I would make a rug for our stairs, but instead...Wa La...we have curtains to hide our junk and a Recovered Lamp Shade.
4: A Bottle Cap Decorated Cork Board using a bit of my son's own bottle cap collection.
5: African Trading Beads
Coral chose to make African Trading Beads for school. She doubled the recipe, so it became a family affair.
When all the littles had the fled the room, I turned into the button maker. I am keeping my fingers crossed these will indeed dry and harden enough to actually use on sweaters.
6:More and more Nutcracker Costume Sewing
7: Still working on Lillitha's sweater.
So very close to being finished.
Hoping you are finding time to craft during the hustle and bustle of this season.

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