Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Trip Down Santa Claus Lane

I did not get a chance to sit down and visit this space yesterday. Ahh...another sign the New Year is approaching much faster than I prefer. I remember being a very young child and feeling like time could not possibly go any slower. It was somewhat painful, I was always looking forward to the next big thing, and the next, and the next. As an adult it is a whole different story. I feel like I cannot slow things down enough to really soak all the goodness up.

Coral's Second Christmas

I am stuck in a place of wanting to be present and hold on to all of the goodness our lives have to offer. We spent more than a few hours decorating for the Holidays and while getting out the Holiday Decor, I pulled out our infamous pile of Santa/ Christmas pictures.

Coral and I on Her Third Christmas
I am sure you know where I am going with this now. It is a timeline of sorts and you cannot help but draw up stories from memory lane. I do believe this was absolutely the best part of decorating this year. Each of my kids were super excited to listen to all of the stories surrounding each year's pictures.

Coral's Fourth Christmas

The most common questions was, "Where was I in that picture?" The answer brought so much more of a story than I can share here in words.

Coral's Fifth Christmas

Because each time that question was asked we were led to sharing the stories of when we were blessed with each of them following dear Coral (being the eldest she was in EVERY picture of course).

Coral and Nishan Celebrating his Second Christmas
I hope one day to have a special place to keep a few of our albums out where that are accessible to every day looking as I had a most wonderful time looking at our past and sharing the stories and feeling the emotions all over again.
It feels like yesterday (as cliche as that may sound) that we just had all of these little bundles of joy, yet they all not so little anymore.

Coral, Nishan, and Lillitha's First Christmas
If it were only possible to slow down time, I would hold each of these blessings just a little bit more and really truly stay present in hopes of stashing a few more memories away.

Our First Christmas in Ventura

In just 9 years we went from a family of three to six. It is unbelievable. As much as we have grown in size we have also all grown up and will continue to do so. This journey has been a special one and I do not want it to be fleeting, as much of it already has been.

Coral, Nishan, Lillitha, and Zari Meeting Santa for the First Time
I no longer look to what excitement the future holds, but what excitement is staring me in the face right now.
Our trip down Santa Claus Lane was beautiful and fun. And is most definitely a new family tradition during the Holiday Decorating.

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