Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Years Ago She Graced Us With Her Presence

Zari Annika Hill turned 2 today!

She is my bubblicious baby and I love her to pieces. Zari has brought so much joy through giggles to our family. She is big on making you laugh, yet is sly about her silliness.

Each morning she wakes to enjoy a Chai while I sip on my coffee.

"Mine, Mine?", she asks.
She would not allow anyone to open her purse all day. Her 3 big siblings really wanted to show her she had a few more gifts. The gifts inside were not of any interest, it only mattered that this purse was hers and no one elses!

To celebrate with friends we headed over to the Ojai Kids Club Holiday Party where Zari was able to explore and play with an abundance of toddler sized toys.

Her first pick of the evening was painting a box.

Our dear friend Tawnya and Zari sharing a few moments of celebration play.
I was not going to gushy, but as I scrolled to this picture, I immediately thought of my birth with Zari. So rather than go the emotional route, thank you girl friend for being there 2 years ago and thank you for being here today! It would not of been complete without you!

She was loving the paint tonight. But this time she found the sticker stash!

On to dinner at Ojai Pizza.
The Ferdolage family surprised her with the most perfect gift.

She was just delighted with her Flower Headband and TuTu to match.

Our friend using his megs superpowers to protect the flower princess.

How is that for sporting all of her birthday goods?

The best part of our celebration day was celebrating over dinner with friends.
Happy Birthday my Little Boo, we love you so very much

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