Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where You Can Find Me

We have been MEGA busy around these parts recently. So, so, so much so that all I really want to do is sleep all day in hopes of recovering. But, we all know the likely hood of that happening is zilch. Here is a bit of a glimpse at what is happening in lieu of all that sleep I would LOVE to get.
I decided to sew up these Gum Drop Pillows (Pattern by Amy Butler), for a few handsome boys we know for Xmas.
Each of my kiddos were quite adamant they choose the fabric choice for the corresponding aged recipient. Oh boy were the wonderful ladies at our local fabric shop, a bit overwhelmed with us that day. The best is that they could not believe that in 4 days I would be bale to sew up and get out all of the Xmas gifts we were purchasing supplies for that day.

Well, ladies I have news for you, I did get all that and a bit more last minute ideas all done, wrapped, and gifted. Okay, okay, so there were a few blunders. One, being that all 4 pillows opened at the seam I decided to fabric glue rather than hand sew. Believe it or not I decided to break the rules the night before while laying in bed and going over my next days to do list. I thought it would be a bit quicker to slap on a bit of glue and might even look a lot better as I am not so great at the hand sewing thing and it generally looks very hand sewn. Anywho, not a great idea...

the boys opened the gifts and began playing on them while I quickly watched each seam bust open. Thank goodness I stuffed them to the seam, as they are so packed the stuffing just kinda stays put.
Point being one place you will find me if you happen to be looking is hand sewing these very fine landing pads.
The bigger kids usually fall asleep to me reading. Than we must move on to the littles who need more quite, so I nurse and knit till all is still.

And this week, when the babes are sawing Z's, Jason and I are painting the hallway.

The color of our hallway is also the color of the rest of our house. So very drab and dreary. But more nasty than being dark and dreary is that the paint does not allow me to wipe clean the walls. The walls are piled with 6 person family gook.

We rent and we are taking a pretty big leap in committing to be here for what did I say last, 5 years I do believe. 5 years is a long time for us to stay put in one place. Totally worth the effort of painting to cheer it up, make it a bit easier to clean, and umm...pretend we "own" it.

It is our hallway now!!!
Cheers to staking claim, I am off to paint :)
You will have no problem locating me tonight...

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