Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preparing for Another Show Weekend

Miss Lillitha our Ballerina
waiting and watching at her first on sight rehearsal.
A little nervous and in awe of that BIG stage.
She sat very quiet and still, while taking it all in.
But, when it was her turn to jump on stage she was all smiles and business.

Zari decided to sleep when she realized she did not get to dance on stage too.

This momma teared up a bit at seeing her little gal on the big stage for the first time, even though it was just a rehearsal.

And, than this momma crocheted, watched, and clicked away like a mad lady with the camera.

This teacher is so, so, so wonderful with the kiddos!!! At 22 I would of been a wreck.
Love Robin!!!
I will be making one more, just one more tutu for The Nutcracker. It is the one I said , "No, no, no!" to doing and in the end I am so happy I did, because it is for this wonderful woman.

Lillitha and her two big girl partners in the Party Scene.

Maddie is her favorite!

Heading off stage and we were all done for tonight.
Sitting in on tonight's rehearsal made all of the hard work so worth it!
I cannot imagine that it can get any better, but I know on show night, I will need a whole box of tissues and a whole lot of memory on the camera!!!
There is nothing like seeing your own kiddo shine after a whole lot of hard work!!!!

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