Friday, December 17, 2010

Slowing Down and Reconnecting

A few things I did to slow down during these very busy times:
~Held Zari through her nap while crocheting her sweater and allowing my thoughts to roam freely
~Laid down with Lillitha tonight until she fell fast asleep
~At home date night with my hubby, while the kids watched a movie
~Sat down to lunch with Nishan while the little gals napped
~Sat down and chatted with Coral for a bit this morning while the littles were busy playing
Just these handful of things really helped me to slow down and reconnect after being so busy recently. I am so glad that I took today to focus on giving each of my kiddos and husband a bit of undivided attention. I needed this just as much as each of them. I hope you are finding ways to connect, slow down, and cherish what is important to you.

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