Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogging the Good and the Bad

When I began this blog I had a really hard time figuring out what I was going to make it. After reading a handful of blogs day in and day out for over a few years, I became weary of all of the glory. I know, I know who the hell wants to let the skeletons out of the closet?
It was not that I wanted negativity for these amazing woman, I just wanted to be reminded once in awhile that they were real woman, leading real lives, where things did not always seem so "perfect".
I was inspired by this perfection that I saw, so inspired that I wanted to do it all, and that is plain ridiculous. I had lost site that these women are all doing only what they are sharing, there was not one woman doing it all. The blogging world is a collaborative effect of people sharing wonderfulness!!!
When I began blogging I felt this need to make it something special, to find a specific focus per say. But, what I realized is that my blog needed to be what it was going to be, there was not going to be any making it one thing or another, there was not going to be just one focus.
I wanted it to be a blank canvas that I colored each night with whatever flowed from fingertips to the keyboard.
Recently, I realized that it paints a very pretty picture of our lives. Blogging has brought more positives into our lives than I could of ever imagined and I no longer question why there is not a lot of skeletons being shared.
It is so much more fun to share goodness and joy and way better to place our own focus and energy on all that loveliness!!!
I get it, I finally get it. All those blogging woman are indeed real people choosing to share and focus on the positives :)
But, at the same time I want you to know that we are real people, with real feelings, and very real lives that have many ups and downs. I will not be afraid to share the goods and the bad, life is what it is.
With that said, today I am terribly annoyed that I needed to spend another $13.50 on this very skein of yarn to finish the last 2 rows on,

this beanie. Dude, the last 2 rows!!!!

We finished all of the serious stuff that needed to get done early today, so I motivated myself to begin making a purse I have been dreaming up for well over a week now. The kids had a whole other plan to save me from killing myself with numbers while trying to draw out the perfect pattern. We found ourselves reading, reading, and reading some more.
This is the perfect example of the blogging dilemma! I absolutely loved snuggling up on the couch reading to my kiddies. Indeed, I was mourning the purse I have dreamt about adding to my collection, but in the end I would not go back and give up that time on the couch for the purse.
It is all in how you look at it I guess.
Because in the moment I was rather frustrated to be giving up the time I wanted to be working on constructing my purse.
On the other hand I did find time to begin making these cuffs I had hopes to have had done over the Holiday vacation.

In the grand scheme of life, it seems utterly ridiculous for me to complain about a skein of yarn, or a day gone a wry, or whatever small stumbling blocks we are encountering. Because there are days like today where we experience a death in our family. That is the big stuff that is worth grieving and spending energy on. For the small stumbling blocks there are at least 2 times that in goodness for me to share with you and that is so much more fun!!!

And there will be lots and lots more goodness to come.
Ahem, maybe after I finally get to the basket of knits waiting to be stitched up and worn.

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